Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850

Surnames T

From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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TAFT Mary D., residence: Montague
Married 25 Dec 1849 in Greenfield to
BARDWELL Guy, residence: Montague
'Registered April 2, 1850'

TALBOT Marriages are listed on a separate page

TAPLEY Florence E., 23, born: Danvers, daughter of Gilbert and Fidelia
Married 1 Nov 1849 in Danvers to
BOWDOIN David W., 30, artist, residence: Salem, son of James and Maria

Married 17 Dec 1845 in Worcester to
GALLIPO Alexander

TARR Mary E., 23, residence: Rockport, daughter of Zebulon and Sally
Married 29 Dec 1849 in Rockport to
MARCHANT Daniel 3rd, 26, freighter of stone, residence: Rockport, son of Daniel and Lydia H.

TAY Laura, 28, born: Stoneham, daughter of Benjamin and Anna
Married 15 Aug 1850 in Lowell to
LE BELL Joseph, 27, operative, born: Halifax NB [sic], son of Garman and Sarah E.

TAYLOR Marriages are listed on a separate page

TEDFORD Hannah Jane, 20, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Milford and Hannah
Married 31 Oct 1850 in Danvers, Essex County to
GOSS Richard, 2nd marriage, 28, cordwainer, born: Mendon, son of William and Abigail

TEEL Charles F., 27, mariner, born: Hamburg, son of Henry
Married 17 Feb 1850 in Boston to
HULBERT Margaret R., 21, born: Nova Scotia

TELOUX Mary, 22, residence: Southbridge
Married 23 Nov 1850 in Southbridge
HAVEN Peter, 22, residence: Southbridge

TEN EYCH W'm H., 17, laborer, residence: Lenox, son of John and Mary
Married 16 Nov 1847 in Lee to
JONES Helen M., 13, residence: Lee, daughter of H?race and Maria

TERRIEN Dennis, 21, boot maker, born: Canada, son of Louis
Married 12 Nov 1850 in Boston to
DEWINE Catharine, 28, born: Ireland, daughter of John

TEULON William F., 23, chemist, born: Newfoundland, son of William F.
Married 24 oct 1849 in Boston to
DONALDSON Elizabeth J., 22, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of James

THAIN David, 2nd marriage, 46, mariner, born: Nova Scotia, son of Alex. and Deborah
Married 31 Aug 1848 in Nantucket to
MACY Mary B., 2nd marriage, 44, born: Nantuket, daughter of COFFIN Shubace and Pricilla

THAYER Samuel H., 25, butcher, born: Williamsburg, residence: Northampton, son of Hiram
Married 17 Sep 1850 in Williamsburg to
MOORE Julia A., 22, born: Springfield, residence: Williamsburg, daughter of Aaron P.

THAYER Stillman, 21, born: Weymouth, residence: Weymouth, son of Stillman and Mary
Married 6 Dec 1848 in Weymouth to
ABBOT Harriet, 17, residence: Weymouth, daughter of Samuel and Harriet H.

THOMAS Andrew, 22, farmer, place of birth and residence: Hinsdale N.H., son of Gideon
Married 2 Oct 1850 in Bernardston to
NEWCOMB Sarah Ann, 18, place of birth and residence: Bernardston, daughter of English

THOMAS Hervey D., 24, mariner, born: Plymouth, son of Ezra and Hannah
Married 9 Oct 1849 in Edgartown to
NORTON Rhoda, 22, born: Edgartown, daughter of Shubael and Sophronia

THOMAS James A., 32, housewright, born: St. David's NB, son of Benjamin
Married 3 Oct 1850 in Chelsea to
SEAVER Lauretta B., 20, born: Freeport ME, daughter of Horace

THOMAS Col. John W., 29, manufacturer of boots & shoes, residence: Weymouth, son of Capt. Andrew
Married 12 Jan 1845 in Weymouth to
BLANCHARD Sarah, 21, residence: Weymouth, daughter of Cyrus

THOMAS Hannah S., 24, residence: Plymouth, daughter of John B. and Mary
Married 19 Nov 1845 in Plymouth to
DAVIS Charles G., 25, lawyer, residence: Boston, son of William and Joanna

THOMAS Margaret, 2nd marriage, 27, born: St. John NB
Married 27 Jan 1850 in Boston to
ROBSON Philip J., 2nd marriage, 37, painter, born: England, son of Joseph

THOMAS Mary, 19, residence: Williamstown, daughter of W'm
Married 4 Jun 1844 in Williamstown to
BROWN Edgar M., farmer, residence: Williamstown, son of Caleb and Sophia

THOMAS Mary A., 19, born: Canada, daughter of William
Married 3 Nov 1850 in Ashland to
AYER Dan J., 19, born: St. Johnsbury VT, son of Carleton and Sophia

THOMAS William, 25, miller, born: Compton LC, son of William
Married 28 Oct 1850 in Stoneham to
WHEATON Harriet S., 28, born: Providence RI

THOMPSON Marriages are listed on a separate page

THOMSON Phebe Ann, second marriage, 38, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of CLAYTON John and Louisa
Married 23 Nov 1848 in Sterling to
WILLARD William P., second marriage, 44, chairmaker, born: Sterling, son of Peter and Esther

TILLMAN Benjamin, 22, seaman, residence: Tisbury, son of Walter and Adaline
Married 16 Jul 1845 in Tisbury to
LOOK Sophronia, 21, teacher, residence: Tisbury, daughter of William and Rebecca

TILLSON Joseph, of Halifax
Married 21 Mar 1843 in Halifax to
DABY Mary, of Ashburnham, county of Worcester

TILTON Alonzo, 27, mariner, born: Chilmark, residence: Chilmark, son of Samuel and Rebecca
Married 20 Jan 1848 in Chilmark to
TILTON Corsandra C., 26, born: Chilmark, residence: Chilmark, daughter of John and M.?.

TILTON Corsandra C., 26, born: Chilmark, residence: Chilmark, daughter of John and M.?.
Married 20 Jan 1848 in Chilmark to
TILTON Alonzo, 27, mariner, born: Chilmark, residence: Chilmark, son of Samuel and Rebecca

TILTON Otis, 32, mariner, born: Tisbury, residence: Chilmark, son of Elisha and Ruth
Married 2? July 1848 in Tisbury to
CHASE Mary T., 23, born: Tisbury, residence: Tisbury, daughter of W'm and Temperance

TILTON Shadrach R., 27, mariner, born: Chilmark, residence: Chilmark, son of David
Married 9 Feb 1848 in Chilmark to
FURGERSON Helen M., 19, born: Chilmark, residence: Chilmark

TILTON Sophia, 22, place of birth and residence: Chilmark, daughter of Will'm and Mary
Married 21 May 1848 in Tisbury to
LOOK Henry W., 30, place of birth and residence: Tisbury, son of Mayhem and Mary

TIRRELL Quincy A., residence: Nashua N.H.
Married 3 Dec 1843 in Abington to
NORTON Almeda, residence: Abington, daughter of Benjamin Jr.

TIRRELL Wilson, widower, 38, manufacturer, son of James and Hannah
Married 12 Apr 1846 in Weymouth to
BLANCHARD Almira, 38, daughter of Ebenezer and Sally

TOOLEY Emily, residence: Lee, daughter of Jacob Jun.
Married 10 Nov 1845 in Lee to
MILLER Calvin, farmer, residence: Ludlow VT

TORRY Caloin, 25, residence: Westfield
Married 24 May 1842 in Chester to
COLLINS Adelia A., 20, residence: Chester

TOURTELOTT Daniel C., 2nd marriage, machinist, residence: Mass., son of Daniel and Freelove
Married 28 Nov 1848 in Fitchburg
LYON Elizabeth R., 28, residence: Fitchburg, daughter of Jesse and Mehitable

TOWER Calvin, 27, residence of the groom: Savoy
Married 19 Apr 1846 in Savoy to
BLANCHARD Laura, 22, residence of the bride: Savoy

TOWER Isaac A., 21, nailer, born: Braintree, son of Isaac and Ruth
Married 13 Nov 1850 in Weymouth to
ROBERTS Eunice, 21, born: Argyle, Nova Scotia, daughter of Henry

TOWNER Mary A., 18, residence: Saugus, daughter of W. R.
Married 23 Mar 1844 in Saugus to
BLANCHARD Sylvanus, "about 25", cordwainer, residence: Saugus

TRAXIER Jane : see BUTLER Jane

TRENHOLM Maria B., 27, born: Harton (?) NS, daughter of Matthew
Married 27 Oct 1850 in Boston to
HAYDEN William R., 2nd marriage, 30, physician, born: Salem, son of David

TRIPP Sarah, 19, born: Harwich, daughter of Reuben and Rebecca
Married 7 Aug 1850 in Lawrence, Essex County to
JORDAN Jehial, 24, shoemaker, born: Nova Scotia, son of Thomas and Lydia

TRUSSEL Albert G., 28, bootmaker, residence: Ashland, son of Benjamin and Sarah
Married 29 Apr 1846 in Ashland to
BLANCHARD Matilda, 19, daughter of Ira and Eliza

TUBLER John, 27, lawyer, residence: Cincinati, Ohio, son of John Frederic and Barbara
Married 19 Aug 1846 in Lowell
ABBOTT Lucy E., 26, residence: Lowell, daughter of Jacob and Cath P.

TUCK Harriet N., 21, residence: Andover, daughter of John and Elizabeth
Married 1 Nov 1846 in Andover to
ABBOTT Abiather, 22, machinist, residence: Andover, son of Abel and Mary

TUCKER Henry, residence: Darthmouth
Married 29 Jun 1843 in New Bedford
THOMPSON Henriette T., residence: New Bedford

TUCKER Joseph, 2nd marriage, 35, laborer, born: Richmond VA, son of William
Married 27 Jun 1850 in Boston to
BELL Mary J., 23, born: Nova Scotia

TURNER Ann, 39, 1st marriage, residence: Provincetown, daughter of W'm
Married 14 Jan 1849 in Provincetown to
WILLIAMS John, 43, 2nd marriage, mariner, residence: Provincetown, son of Jacob and Margaret

TURNER Benj. F., 23, mariner, born: Boston, residence: Provincetown, son of Benj. and Eliza
Married 28 Oct 1849 in Provincetown to
WILLIAMS Bethiah H., 16, place of birth and residence: Provincetown, daughter of John and Betsey

TURNER Leonard M., 2nd marriage, 65, fisherman, born: Rockport, son of John and Mary
Married 21 Oct 1849 in Rockport to
NOWLAND Wineford, 2nd marriage, 46, born: NB, daughter of Thomas and Catherine

TWISS Cynthia, 18, residence: Southbridge
Married 10 Dec 1850 in Southbridge to
RANGER Henry M., 18, factory operative, son of George

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