Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850


From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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TAYLOR Ann, 23, born: Ireland, daughter of Patrick
Married 9 Apr 1850 in Boston to
McDEVITT John, 26, tailor, born: St John NB, son of Patrick

TAYLOR Austin S., residence: Huntington
Married 16 Sep 1847 in Granville to
WELLS Delia A., residence: Granville

TAYLOR Caroline E., 23, residence: Southampton, daughter of Arial
Married 1 Jan 1850 in Williamsburg to
OWEN Hor.?., 23, farmer, residence: Westfield, son of Abijah and Laura

TAYLOR Charles H., 20, cordwainer, residence: Lynn, son of Edward and Hannah
Married 9 Dec 1847 in Lynn to
PACKARD Sarah E., 21, residence: Lynn, daughter of Benjamin

TAYLOR Charles K., 28, wollen worker, residence: Plympton, son of William and Sarah
Married 14 Dec 1848 in Plymouth to
PHINNEY Mary, 24, residence: Plympton, daughter of Ezra and Nancy

TAYLOR Cornelius, 29, Clergyman, residence: Willoughby Ohio, son of Rev. V. D.
Married 7 May 1850 in Southampton to
EDWARDS Julia A., 28, place of birth and residence: Southampton, daughter of Elisha

TAYLOR Eliza, 19, born: Ashfield, residence: Buckland, daughter of Ansel
Married 1 Jan 1850 in Buckland to
DAVIS Edwin A., 22, carpenter, born: Buckland, residence: Buckland, son of Asa

TAYLOR Elizabeth, born: New York, residence: Barnstable
Married 2 Oct 1849 in Yarmouth to
MILLARD John F., 23, mariner, born: Warwick R.I., residence: Yarmouth

TAYLOR Ezildah, 20, born: Orleans, daughter of Bangs and Olive
Married 11 Dec 1848 in Orleans to
HOPKINS Thomas A., 22, tomb stone cutter, born: Orleans, son of Elisha and Lukey

TAYLOR Franklin G., 22, merchant, place of birth and residence: Lee, son of Abner and Mary
Married 11 Jun 1850 in Lee to
COLLING Cornelia H., 24, place of birth and residence: Utica NY, daughter of Tho's and Evaline

TAYLOR Harriet, 24, residence: Westfield
Married 21 May 1846 in Westfield to
FOWLER Charles, 23, farmer, residence: Westfield, son of Porter and Sarah

TAYLOR Horace, 47, widower, manufactur, residence: Norwich, son of John
Married 29 Oct 1846 in Southampton to
BURT Mary T., 31, widow, residence: Southampton, daughter of RANGER Joseph

TAYLOR Jascha E., 23, labourer, residence: Ashfield, son of George and Sarah
Married 1 July 1849 in Ashfield to
SHIPPY Mary Jane, 18, residence: Ashfield, daughter of Henry and Mary

TAYLOR Joanna, 52, 2nd marriage, born: Orleans, daughter of HURD Benjamin and Phebe
Married 26 Apr 1849 in Orleans to
YOUNG Ebenezer, 52, 2nd marriage, farmer, born: Orleans, son of Jediah and Phebe

TAYLOR John, residence: Plymouth
Married 24 May 1849 in Plymouth to
BATES Susan, residence: Mattapoisett

TAYLOR John A., 26, farmer, born: Calis (?), Maine, son of David
Married 25 Oct 1850 in Waltham to
FITSGERALD Ann, 20, born: St. John, New Brunswick, daughter of James

TAYLOR Martha P., 18, born: Middlefield, residence: Middlefield, daughter of Joel
Married 10 Oct 1850 in Middlefield to
METCALF Erastus J., 19, laborer, born: Chester, residence: Chester, son of Eliab

TAYLOR Mary A., 19, born: Chatham, daughter of Ephraim and Thankful
Married 22 Nov 1849 in Chatham to
NICKERSON Zenas Jun., 22, mariner, born: Chatham, son of Zenas and Mehitable

TAYLOR Mary H., 21, place of birth and residence: Amherst, daughter of Stillman and Dorothy W.
Married 4 Dec 1849 in Amherst to
BANGS Nathaniel E., 25, carpenter, place of birth and residence: Amherst, son of Isaac H. and Lydia

TAYLOR Pamelia T., 22, born: Granby, residence: Amherst, daughter of Willard and Sarah
Married 8 Nov 1848 in Amherst to
LYMAN George T., 22, farmer, born: Hadley, residence: Hadley, son of George and Laura

TAYLOR Parna, school teacher, residence: Lee, daughter of D?a Lys?a Taylor (difficult to read)
Married 25 May 1844 in Lee to
NEWMAN John V., physician, residence: Chatham, N. York

TAYLOR Rinaldo R., 20, newspaper editor, residence: Greenfield, son of Adonijah and Clarinda
Married 7 May 1844 in Amherst to
COWAN Catharine F., 19, residence: Amherst, daughter of Hiram and Joanna

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