Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850


From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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TALBOT Abby B., residence: Dighton
Married 11 May 1846 in Dighton to
SIMMONS Ellery, residence: Bristol RI

TALBOT Adaline, 50, residence: Taunton
Married 26 Sep 1850 in Taunton to
NICHOLS Henry, 54, laborer, residence: Taunton, son of Sol.?. and Phillis

TALBOT Adeline, residence: Dorchester
Married 8 Feb 1847 in Dorchester to
PIERCE Cromwell, carpenter, residence: Methuen

TALBOT Alice, born: Ireland, residence: Salem
Married 18 Jun 1848 in Salem to
HAYES Barthal., laborer, born: Ireland, residence: Salem

TALBOT Alice Maria, 22, born: Cambridge, daughter of Felix
Married 12 May 1850 in Cambridge to
SCANLAN John, 23, tailor, born: Boston, son of James

TALBOT Allen, 22, teacher, residence: Dighton, son of Benj. A.
Married 17 Nov 1844 in Dighton to
PAINE Sarah J., 23, residence: Dighton, daughter of Leonard

TALBOT Curtis A., 23, operative, residence: Lowell, son of Ebenz. and Mary
Married 25 Dec 1845 in Lowell to
DOLLOFF Mary A., 22, operative, residence: Lowell, daughter of Asa and Almira

TALBOT Cyrus, residence: Dighton
Married 22 Dec 1846 in Dighton to
REED Mary, residence: Dighton

TALBOT David, painter 26, residence: Roxbury, son of Nathl. and Nancy
Married 20 Mar 1845 in Roxbury to
GREGORY Mary B., 22, residence: Roxbury, daughter of Charles and Betsey
Registered in volume 13 (1844-1845)

TALBOT David, painter 26, residence: Roxbury, son of Nathaniel and Mary
Married 20 Mar 1846 in Roxbury to
GREGORY Mary B., 22, residence: Roxbury, daughter of Charles and Betsey
Registered in volume 19 (1845-1846)

TALBOT Elijah W., residence: Dighton
Married 19 Nov 1848 in Dighton to
ATWOOD Elizabeth F., residence: Dighton

TALBOT Ellen, 24, born: England, daughter of Robert and Elizabeth
Married 15 Oct 1850 in Lawrence to
BROOKS Robert, 28, manufacturer, born: England, son of James and Ellen

TALBOT Gilbert L., residence: Boston
Married 3 Sep 1846 in Dighton to
BRIGGS Mary Almy, residence: Boston

TALBOT Harriet R., 22, residence: Dedham, daughter of Hosiah and Mary
Married 28 Oct 1849 in Dedham to
FORBES Gustavus, 21, clerk, residence: Boston, son of Abner and Sarah

TALBOT Henry, 28, laborer, born: Ireland, son of Alexander
Married 9 Jun 1850 in Cambridge
NEAL Ellen, 24, born: Ireland, daughter of Patrick

TALBOT Henry A., 24, mechanic, residence: North Bridgewater, son of Joel and Hannah
Married 11 Sep 1845 in North Bridgewater (today Brockton) to
WILD Susan A., 19, residence: North Bridgewater, daughter of Joseph and Charlotte

TALBOT Hiram, 27, mariner, residence: New Bedford, son of Ezekiel and Eliza
Married 11 Sep 1845 in New Bedford to
BROWN Mary Ann, 18, residence: China ME, daughter of William

TALBOT Jane, 24, born: Ireland
Married 20 Feb 1849 in Roxbury
SULLIVAN John, born: Ireland

TALBOT John, 25, glass blower, residence: Cambridge, son of Felix
Married 5 Nov 1849 in Charlestown to
BRADLEY Mary Ann, 17, residence: Charlestown, daughter of Patrick

TALBOT John C., 29, .?. goods dealer, residence and place of birth: Dorchester, son of John and Ann Maria
Married 23 Apr 1850 in Dorchester to
DUDLEY Augusta E., 22, born: Pembroke NH, residence: Milton, daughter of Mary

TALBOT Lucy A., residence: Stoughton
Married 5 Jun 1842 in Stoughton to
CAPEN George Jr, residence: Stoughton

TALBOT Lydia J., 21, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Lewis and Eunice
Married 30 Nov 1848 in Provincetown to
DYER Thomas W., 22, mariner, born: Provincetown, son of Elisha and Huldah

TALBOT Mary A., 20, born: Ireland, daughter of James
Married 4 Feb 1850 in Boston to
MANIX Dennis, 26, laborer, born: Ireland, son of John

TALBOT Micah J. Jr., 26, clergyman, residence: Fairhaven, son of Micah J. and Betsey
Married 19 Aug 1847 in Somerset to
SLADE Eliza, 23, residence: Somerset, daughter of Edward and Mary A.

TALBOT Nancy E., residence: Sharon, daughter of Josiah
Married 28 Aug 1845 in Sharon to
CLARK Champion W., residence: Philadelphia PA

TALBOT Nathaniel, widower, painter, residence: Newburyport
Married 19 Mar 1844 in Newburyport to
BICKFORD Mary N., widow, residence: Maine

TALBOT Peter, 26, wheelright, born: Stoughton, son of Jabez and Hannah
Married 20 Feb 1850 in Canton to
BLAKE Harriet G., born: Lisbon Me, daughter of William and Judith

TALBOT Samuel Jr., residence: Boston, son of Samuel and Jerusha
Married 12 Dec 1848 in Plymouth to
BARNES Martha G., residence: Boston, daughter of Bradford Jr. and Mary M.

TALBOT Sarah, 23, residence: New Bedford, daughter of Seth and Sarah
Married 24 Dec 1846 in New Bedford to
WILCOX Edward T., 21, baker, residence: New Bedford, son of Edward and Sophronia

TALBOT Solomon, cabinet maker, residence: Sharon
Married 26 Nov 1843 in Sharon to
HAWES Emily, residence: Sharon

TALBOT Stephen, ship carpenter, residence: Medford, son of Daniel
Married 13 May 1845 in Boston to
KANT Sarah C., residence: Dorchester, daughter of Elisha

TALBOT Susan, residence: Dighton
Married 11 Jun 1843 in Dighton to
MARBLE Francis, residence: Warren RI

TALBOT Susan M., residence: Sharon
Married 30 Aug 1842 in Stoughton to
RICHARDS Samuel B., residence: Baltimore MD

TALBOT Warren, residence of the groom: Sharon
Married 18 Dec 1842 in Stoughton to
HOLMES Hannah, residence of the bride: Sharon
Also Registered in Sharon

TALBOT William H., mariner, residence: Scituate, son of (handwriting difficult to read)
Married 18 Aug 1844 in Scituate to
FOSTER Mary, residence: Scituate, daughter of Elisha and Sally

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