Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850


From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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THOMPSON Alex, 28, tailor, born: Scotland, son of Alexander
Married 29 Oct 1850 in Boston to
ARMSTRONG Esther C., 21, born: St. John NB, daughter of William

THOMPSON Barbara, residence: Marblehead
Married 16 Feb 1846 in Charlestown
REED John Jr, trader, residence: Salem

THOMPSON Deborah P., of Halifax
Married 13 Oct 1842 in Halifax to
HART George, of New Bedford

THOMPSON Edward T., of Charlestown
Married 31 Oct 1842 in Charlestown to
HUTCHINS Martha, of Charlestown

THOMPSON Elijah, 21, teamster, residence: Charlestown, son of Elijah
Married 14 Nov 1844 in Charlestown
SAYER Betsy R., 21, cook, residence: Charlestown, daughter of James and Mary

THOMPSON Eliza Ann, residence: New Bedford, daughter of John and Mary A.
Married 8 Apr 1846 in New Bedford to
EUNIS John W., laborer, residence: New Bedford, son of John and Sarah

THOMPSON Elizabeth, 40, residence: Amherst, daughter of Stephen of Whately
Married 28 Nov 1843 in the West Parish of Amherst to
BURGESS Samuel, 44, laborer, residence: Wendell

THOMPSON Elizabeth, 34, born: Nashua NH
Married 20 May 1850 in New Bedford to
JAMES W'm H., 24, carpenter, born: Orange Co. NY, son of William and Maria

THOMPSON Geo., printer, residence: Charlestown
Married 27 Sep 1846 in Charlestown
CURTIN Rebecca, residence: Charlestown

THOMPSON George H., of Halifax
Married 22 Jan 1843 in Halifax to
WOOD Hannah P., of Halifax

THOMPSON Georgiana, of Charlestown
Married 1 Jun 1842 in Charlestown to
WARREN George W., of Charlestown

THOMPSON Harriet, 25, born: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Married 5 May 1850 in Boston to
HUSK Charles, 25, coachman, born: Auburn NY, son of John

THOMPSON Harriett J., 19, residence: Amherst, daughter of Artemas of Amherst
Married 12 Sep 1843 in the West Parish of Amherst to
AMES Edwin, 22, harness maker, residence: Conway, son of Ebenezer of Conway

THOMPSON Harvy M., 41, laborer, born: Paxton, son of James and Rebecca
Married 07 Jul 1850 in Danvers, Essex County to
ROSS Ellen, 34, born: Margree, N. Scotia, daughter of William and Esther

THOMPSON Henriette T., residence: New Bedford
Married 29 Jun 1843 in New Bedford
TUCKER Henry, residence: Darthmouth

THOMPSON Jacob, 30, laborer, residence: New Bedford, son of Jacob and Mary Ann
Married 11 May 1845 in New Bedford
BOWKER Elzadah M., 20, residence: Rochester

THOMPSON Joanna T., residence: New Bedford
Married 30 Nov 1843 in New Bedford to
WOOD C. Thompson, residence: Boston

THOMPSON John, 20, mariner, residence: Harwich, son of John
Married 18 Jun 1848 in Harwich
NEWCOMB Nancy J., 18, residence: Harwich, son of Ebon

THOMPSON Joseph, 25, farmer, born : Windsor, residence: Williamsburg, son of Jacob
Married 24 Apr 1850 in Williamsburg
WARNER Nancy, 31, place of birth and residence: Williamsburg, son of Seth

THOMPSON Lewis, 24, painter, son of Lemuel and Hannah
Married 07 Jul 1850 in Charlestown to
GREENLAW Phoebe, 24, daughter of Richard and Mary

THOMPSON Martha Ann E., 23, residence: Charlestown
Married 25 Dec 1844 in Charlestown to
FOSTER Charles, 31, shoemaker, residence: Tyngsborough, son of Obediah and Phoebe

THOMPSON Mary, 22, residence: Charlestown, daughter of William and Hannah
Married 14 May 1849 in Charlestown to
JOHNSON John, 26, farmer, residence: Boston, son of Joseph and Elizabeth

THOMPSON Mary E., 23; born: Boston, daughter of Matthew
Married 1 Dec 1849 in Boston to
GILESPIE James, 23, grocer, born: St. John NB, son of Daniel

THOMPSON Mary W., 20, daughter of Chauncy
Married 19 Dec 1850 in North Brookfield to
CHURCHILL Hiram, 25, farmer, born: Boulton, Canada, son of Hiram

THOMPSON Percenta, 19, born: Boston, daughter of William and Bridget
Married 29 Nov 1849 in Charlestown to
HOLDEN William H., 26, painter, born: Charlestown, son of Nehemiah and Mary

THOMPSON Sarah E., 19, daughter of John and Abigail
Married 30 Dec 1847 in Rockport to
DOUSETT David Jr., 23, fisherman, son of David and Sally

THOMPSON Sarah H., 30, place of birth and residence: New Salem, daughter of Josiah and Louisa
Married 5 Feb 1850 in New Salem to
SWAN Elliott, 30, inn keeper, born`Richmond N.H., residence: Worcester, son of Ballou and Lucy

THOMPSON Thomas, 24, shoemaker, born: England, son of Thomas
Married 7 Oct 1849 in West Bridgewater to
FOWLERS Mary Jane, 18, born: New Brunswick, daughter of Otis and Elizabeth

THOMPSON William B., residence: New Bedford
Married 30 May 1843 in New Bedford
WEEKS Phebe, residence: New Bedford

THOMPSON William C., residence: Haverhill
Married 14 Apr 1846 in Charlestown
NOWELL Hannah K., residence: Haverhill

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