Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850

Surnames A

From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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AARON Arthur, 25, mariner, residence: Barnstable
Married 23 Dec 1847 in Barnstable to
NICKERSON Almira A., 16, residence: Barnstable, daughter of Ensing and Rebecca

AARON Clara, residence: Salem
Married 7 June 1845 in Salem to
WILLIAMS Thomas, residence: Salem

ABBE Martha A., born: Medway, residence: Medway, residence of father: Medway
Married 1 Oct 1845 in Medway to
STIMPSON George W., shoe manufacturer, born: South Reading, residence: Medway, residence of father: Medway

ABBEE Almira C., 27, residence: South Hadley, daughter of * and *
Married 3 May 1843 in South Hadley
GATES Henry, residence: *
* : Difficult to read

ABBEE Eliza M.
Married 24 June 1846 in Springfield to

ABBEE Sabra P., 28, born: Franklin, residence: Franklin, daughter of Charles and Sabra
Married 25 Sep 1848 in Medway to
POND Asa, 33, carpenter, born: Franklin, residence: Franklin, son of Jeremiah and Patty

ABBETT Sophronia, single, residence: Andover
Married 11 Sep 1845 in Lynnfield to
GREY David, widower, farmer, residence: Andover

ABBEY George, 49, 2nd marriage, wheelright, born Amherst, residence: Betchertown, son of Mason
Married 30 Jan 1850 in Northampton to
PARSONS Phoebe, 44, 1st marriage, residence and place of birht: Northampton

ABBEY Hiram B., 22, travelling merchant, residence: Enfield CT, son of Henry A. and Betsey
Married 24 May 1848 in Wilbraham to
BREWER Elisa, 24, born: Wilbraham, residence: Wilbraham, daughter of Andrew

ABBEY Milton, farmer, residence: Sandisfield, son of Henry
Married 12 May 1843 in Sandisfield to
CLAFLIN Maria, residence: Sandisfield, daughter of Abner

ABBOT Marriages are listed on a separate page

ABBOTT Marriages are listed on a separate page

ABBY William, 36, operative, born: England, son of Tho's and Eliz'th
Married 16 Sep 1850 in Lowell to
WINTERBOTTOM Mary Ann, 30, born: England, daughter of James and Betsey

ABENJELAR Anthony, 22, bootmaker, born: France, son of Andrew and Elizabeth
Married 3 Feb 1850 in Quincy to
HICKEY Margaret, 20, born: Scotland, daughter of John and Mary

ADAMS Jane, 18, born: Canada, daughter of David and Ann
Married 4 Nov 1850 in Lowell to
CARPENTER Moses, 24, whellwright, born: Chelmsford, son of Timothy and Olive

ADAMS Mary, residence: Cambridge
Married 20 Sep 1849 in Cambridge to
DAVIS Abbott R., residence: Cambridge

ADAMS Mary P., residence: Lowell
Married 12 Apr 1842 in Lowell to
LAMAY Oliver, residence: Lowell

ADAMS Orsemus, 23, farmer, residence: Hinsdale, son of John and Elizabeth
Married 13 Apr 1846 in Hinsdale to
ABBOT Lucy, 18, residence: Hinsdale, daughter of John and Cyntha

ADAMS William 2nd, laborer, residence: Gloucester, son of Nehemiah
Married 21 Jun 1845 in Gloucester to
BROWN Abigaiel E., residence: Gloucester, daughter of David

ADAMSON Elizabeth G., 22, born: Pictou NS
Married 11 Sep 1850 in Boston to
FULLERTON David, 25, turner, born: Pictou NS, son of Furgus

ADDY Edward, 21, harness maker, born: N. Brunswick, son of John
Married 21 Jul 1850 in Boston to
GANNETT Eliza P., 19, born: Boston

ALDEN Ann A., 19, daughter of Seth and Betsey
Married 9 May 1846 in Stoughton to
BLANCHARD Isaac, widower, 35, boot maker, son of Isaac G. and Emma

ALDEN Susan, 19, residence: Abington, daughter of Ezra and Susan
Married 25 June 1845 in Abington to
ALLEN Calvin W., 26, shoemaker, residence: Abington, son of Jedediah and Lydia

ALEXANDER Luther L, merchant, residence: Erving
Married 23 Sep 1844 in South Hadley to
BOWDION Martha N., residence: Erving
Registered in Erving, also registerd in South Hadley

ALEXANDER Luther L, residence: Erving
Married 23 Sep 1844 in South Hadley to
BOWDOIN Martha N., residence: Erving, daughter of ?noch
Torn page. . Also registerd in Erving.

ALFORD Charlotte H., of Otis
FAIRCHILD John, of Lee
Married 6 Apr 1844 in Otis, registered in Lee

ALFORD Charlotte H., residence: Otis, daughter of Norman
Married 23 Apr 1844 in Otis
FAIRCHILD John S., residence: Lee

ALGER Abigail M., 18, residence: West Bridgewater, daughter of Nathan and Rachael
Married 21 Apr 1844 in West Bridgewater to
BASSETT Samuel G., 20, shoemaker, residence: Bridgewater, son of Joseph and Lucretia

ALGER Abigail S., 23, born: NH, residence: Methuen, daughter of David
Married 11 Nov 1849 in Methuen to
KIMBALL Erasmus, 23, born: NH, residence: Lawrence, son of Josiah

Married ? Mar 1844 in Springfield to
DAY David

ALLEN Angeline, 39, born: Tisbury, residence: Tisbury, daughter of Seth and Nancy
Married 6 Sep 1848 in Tisbury to
NORTON Darias, 43, farmer, born: Edgartown, residence: Edgartown, son of Darias and Polly

ALLEN Calvin W., 26, shoemaker, residence: Abington, son of Jedediah and Lydia
Married 25 June 1845 in Abington to
ALDEN Susan, 19, residence: Abington, daughter of Ezra and Susan

ALLEN Charles E., 27, mariner, born: Nantucket, son of Walter and Rebecca
Married 31 Jan 1850 in Nantucket to
FARNHAM Hannah Maria, 19, born: Nantucket, daughter of William and Emeline

ALLEN Cyrus, 2nd marriage, 46, farmer, residence: West Springfield, son of Bishop
Married 18 Sep 1849 in Southampton to
RANGER Orlina, 36, residence: Southampton, daughter of Joseph

ALLEN Huldah A., 20, seamstress, daughter of Matthew and Temperance
Married 16 Aug 1845 in Tisbury to
RANDELL Charles, 40, preacher, son of Nicholas and Content RANDALL

ALLEN Margaret Jane, 21, born: Prince Edward Isle, daughter of Bartlett and Elizabeth
Married 3 Dec 1849 in Gloucester, Essex county to
OLESON William, 25, born: Denmark, son of James and Maria

ALLEN Nathan, 22, coach builder, residence: Lee, son of Nathan
Married 24 June 1846 in Lee to
BUCKLEY Mary Ann, 18, paper maker, residence: lee, daughter of James

ALLEN Sylvia, 19, born: Faystown VT, residence: Deerfield, daughter of Joseph R. and Sylvia
Married 11 Jun 1850 in Deerfield to
SMITH Apollos W., 35, carpenter, born: Ashfield, residence: Deerfield, son of Elijah and Mercy

ALLEN Truman, 40, born: (unreadable), residence: Tisbury, son of Bartlett and Lucy
Married 13 Oct 1850 in Tisbury to
EATON Susan W., 29, born: Farmington, residence Tisbury, daughter of Isaac and Mary

ALLEN Winslow, 28, book binder, born: Plymouth, son of William and Betsey
Married 14 Oct 1848 in Worcester to
NASH Louisa, 19, born: Sydney, Canada, daughter of Oliver and Dorathy

ALLISON Elizabeth A, 20, born: St. John NB, daughter of William
Married 22 Dec 1850 in Boston
MAGEE James, 22, cabinet maker, born: St. John NB, son of Charles

ALLORY Isiah, 20, shoe maker, born: Canada, son of Joseph and Mary
Married 10 Nov 1850 in North Brookfield to
RAINGER Harriot, 16, born: No. Brookfield, daughter of Conbridge (?) and Mary

AMANUELL Jane Louisa, 25, born: New York, daughter of Horatio and Jane
Married 24 Apr 1850 in Dorchester to
BELL Charles Henry, 21, milk dealer, born: Canada, son of John and Hannah

AMES Edwin, 22, harness maker, residence: Conway, son of Ebenezer of Conway
Married 12 Sep 1843 in Amherst to
THOMPSON Harriett J., 19, residence: Amherst, daughter of Artemas of Amherst

AMES Samuel, 50, widower, carpenter, residence: Nantucket
Married 14 Jul 1844 in Nantucket to
PITCHER Charlotte, 45, widow, residence: Nantucket, daughter of BIGELOW James

ANABLE Asher A., 23, farmer, born: Chesterfield, residence: Hadley, son of Chester
Married 2 May 1850 in Hadley to
RHOOD Lidora A., 21, born: Hadley, residence: Hadley, daughter of Frederick

ANDREWS George, 25, leather dresser, residence: Charlestown, son of Samuel and Pricilla
Married 17 Dec 1847 in Weymouth to
BLANCHARD Betsy L., 22, residence: Weymouth, daughter of William and Betsy

ANDREWS Harriet, 21, residence: Lee, daughter of Austin and Mary
Married 23 Dec 1847 in Lee to
BRIGGS Austin A., 22, painter, residence: Pittsfield, son of Allen and Elvira

ANDREWS Henry G., 32, merchant, residence: Boston, son of James and Sarah
Married 19 Sep 1848 in Plymouth to
DAVIS Elizabeth B., 23, residence: Plymouth, daughter of Nath'l and Harriet

ANDREWS Moses, 23, born: Nova Scotia, son of John and Amelia
Married 28 Aug 1849 in Newburyport, Essex County to
DROYER Martha, 22, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of William and Jane

ANDREWS Prudence, 26, 2nd marriage, place of birth and residence: Edgartown, daughter of J.?.GAN Nathan and Prudence
Married 12 Sept 1849 in Edgartown to
MUDGETT George W., 26, mariner, place of birth and residence: Prospect Me, son of W'm P. and Comfort
Surname of the father of the bride difficult to read

ANDREWS William C., residence: Dedham
Married 10 May 1845 in Roxbury to
FOREST Eleanor, residence: Dedham

ANGEMA Sarah J., 2nd marriage, 31, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Stephen STRONG
Married 21 Apr 1850 in Seekonk to
BOWEN Ephraim J., 2nd marriage, 31, farmer, born: Seekonk, son of Ephraim

ANGER Robert, residence: Dorchester
Married 4 Apr 1847 in Dorchester to
FARNUM Rachel H., residence: Dorchester

ANGEST Sarah Ann, 20, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Richard
Married 13 Dec 1849 in Boston to
WEEDMAN Charles S., 22, born: Nova Scotia, son of Issac

ARCAN John B., residence: Boston
Married 2 Apr 1843 in Cambridge to
MILLER ..? H., residence: Boston
Torn page

ARCHER Ellab F., 28, mason, born: Yarmouth NS, son of William
Married 3 Oct 1850 in Boston to
CORMACK Margaret, 28, born: Scotland, daughter of George

ARCHER Henry A., widower, 27, physician, residence: Hartford CT, son of W'm and Mary
Married 28 Mar 1847 in Tolland to
HULL Clarissa V., single, 35, residence: Tolland, daughter of John and Rebecca

ARLING Israel D., labour, residence: Winchester, son of Wright
Married 5 May 1850 in Northfield to
WEBSTER Lucy A., place of birth and residence: Northfield, daughter of William and L.

ARMSTRONG Catharine, 20, born: Ireland
Married 20 Oct 1850 in Boston to
KENNELY John K., 23, printer, born: Halifax NS, son of Michael

ARMSTRONG Esther C., 21, born: St. John NB, daughter of William
Married 29 Oct 1850 in Boston to
THOMPSON Alex, 28, tailor, born: Scotland, son of Alexander

ASHBELL Catharine, 24, born: St. John NB, daughter of Alexander
Married 9 Nov 1850 in Boston to
BROWN Thomas, 38, mariner, born: France, son of Thomas

ASHBY Irene, 16, residence: Fairhaven, daughter of Emerson and Anna
Married 1 Sep 1844 in Fairhaven to
ROUNCEVILLE Cyrus, 23, residence: Fairhaven, son of Abial

ASHWORTH Miles, 26, merchant, born: England, son of James
Married 8 May 1850 in Cambridge to
BELYEA Eleanor Jane, 32, born: St. John's NB, daughter of William

ATHEARN Avis I., 23, residence: Tisbury
Married 24 Dec 1846 in Tisbury to
VINCENT Elyah, 33, residence: Tisbury

ATKINS Mary see WHORF Mary

ATWOOD Elizabeth F., residence: Dighton
Married 19 Nov 1848 in Dighton to
TALBOT Elijah W., residence: Dighton

AUBIN Munroe, 27, seaman, residence: Newbury, son of John and Mary
Married 14 Jun 1846 in Newbury to
RIDCHARDSON Sarah A. B., 21, residence: Newbury, daughter of James and Hannah

AUGER J. M., 28, shoe dealer
Married 5 May 1850 in Northampton to
MOREL Esther, 19, residence: Saratoga

AUSTIN Mary Ann, 2nd marriage, 30, born: New Hampshire, daughter of SINCLAIR Jacob and Elizabeth
Married 2 Jun 1850 in Lowell to
DAIGNEAU Pedro, 30, shoemaker, born: Canada, son of Andrew and Francis

AYER Dan J., 19, born: St. Johnsbury VT, son of Carleton and Sophia
Married 3 Nov 1850 in Ashland to
THOMAS Mary A., 19, born: Canada, daughter of William

AYRES Sarah A., 20, born: Washington DC, residence: Boston
Married 10 Oct 1850 in Boston to
WILLIAMS John, 22, laborer, born: New York, residence: Boston, son of William

AYRES Sophia K., 20, daughter of Willard and Emily
Married 17 Sep 1848 in Waltham to
MOULTON Gilman, 23, machinist, son of John and (difficult to read)

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