Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850


From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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ABBOTT Abby J., 21, residence: Framingham
Married 10 May 1846 in Sudbury to
MOORE Daniel S., 22, farmer, residence: Framingham, son of Lewis and Charlotte

ABBOTT Abiather, 22, machinist, residence: Andover, son of Abel and Mary
Married 1 Nov 1846 in Andover to
TUCK Harriet N., 21, residence: Andover, daughter of John and Elizabeth

ABBOTT Almon, 38, widower, brickmaker, residence: Cambridge
Married 10 Jan 1849 in Cambridge to
FARNSWORTH Lucy B., 28, single, residence: Cambridge, daughter of Jos. B.

ABBOTT Almond C., 24, carpenter, residence: Lowell, son of Joseph and Lydia
Married 28 Nov 1844 in Lowell to
WILLEY Hannah D., 25, operative, residence: Lowell, daughter of James and Hannah

ABBOTT Alvah, 29, shoemaker, place of brith and residence: Rockport, son of Moses and Abagail
Married 22 Apr 1849 in Rockport to
WEEKS Rebecca C., 37, 2nd marriage, place of brith and residence: Rockport, daughter of PITTEE W'm and .?.y

ABBOTT Angeline, residence of the bride: Lowell
Married 16 Dec 1843 in Lowell to
EMMONS Benjn., residence of the groom: Lowell

ABBOTT Benja. F., widower, shoe manufacturer, residence: South Reading
Married 3 Apr 1845 in South Reading (today Wakefield) to
HARTSHORN Mary, widow, housekeeper, residence: South Reading

ABBOTT Benjamin W., 22, inn keeper, residence: Holden, son of Chenery
Married 15 Jan 1845 in Holden to
KNOWLTON Susan, 22, daughter of Daniel and Lendy

ABBOTT Betsey of Danvers
Married 1 Jan 1842 in Danvers to
FOY Joseph P. of Danvers

ABBOTT Chas. B., 29, farmer, son of Benj. and Polly
Married 4 Aug 1846 in Lowell to
HOAG Martha M., 20, shoebinder, daughter of Ja's and Mary

ABBOTT Emeline W., residence: Lowell, daughter of John an Polly
Married 21 Nov 1844 in Lowell to
COBURN David A., blacksmith, residence: Lowell, son of Phineas and Polly

ABBOTT Esther S., 21, born: Lancaster NH, daughter of Isaac and Susan
Married 14 Nov 1850 in Lowell to
SERIBNER Harvey Jr., 22, farmer, born: Casco Me, son of Harvey and Martha

ABBOTT Frances N., 20, born: Maine
Married 9 Sep 1850 in Boston to
STOVER Walter H., 23, carpenter, born: Portland Me, son of Robert

ABBOTT Francis B., of Lowell
Married 17 Nov 1842 in Lowell to
DODGE Hanna F., of Lowell

ABBOTT Henry R., residence: Andover
Married 17 Sep 1843 in Lowell to
LASCOMB Lydia, residence: Andover

ABBOTT Hermon, widower, 35, operative, residence: Lowell, son of Dyer and Sarah
Married 21 Jan 1847 in Lowell to
SWINNINGTON Phebe P., single, 29, operative, residence: Lowell, daughter of Sam'l and Ede

ABBOTT James, 25, weaver, born: Scotland, residence: Killingly, Conn., son of Joseph and Janette
Married 11 Nov 1850 in Worcester to
MAIN Margaret, 22, born: Scotland, residence: Worcester, daughter of William and Ellen

ABBOTT Lewis B., residence: Boston
Married 5 Jun 1849 in Boston to
MELLON(?) Ellen, residence: Boston

ABBOTT Lucy E., 26, residence: Lowell, daughter of Jacob and Cath P.
Married 19 Aug 1846 in Lowell
TUBLER John, 27, lawyer, residence: Cincinati, Ohio, son of John Frederic and Barbara

ABBOTT John, 30, machinist, residence: Lowell, son of Dyer and Sarah
Married 26 Oct 1845 in Lowell to
NUTTING Hannah E., 27, residence: Carlisle, daughter of Cyrus and Hannah

ABBOTT Martha S., 22, seamstress, residence: Lowell, daughter of Asa and Esther
Married 17 May 1846 in Lowell to
BURGESS Nelson W., 23, machinist, residence: Lowell, son of Tho's and Eliza

ABBOTT Mary Ann, 24, daughter of Samuel B. and Sally
Married 28 Nov 1844 in Lowell to
KENDALL George W., 19, carpenter, residence: Tyngsboro, son of Moses and Mindrel

ABBOTT Mary Ann, 23, residence: Newton, daughter of James and Mary
Married 18 May 1848 in Watertown to
MILLER Asa, 23, carpenter, residence: Newton, son of Maxy E. and Silence
Registered in volume 31 page 122 and in volume 38 page 104.

ABBOTT Mary E., 19, born: Saco Me, daughter of Nathan
Married 12 Oct 1850 in Boston to
SOMERSBY John H., 19, born: Portsmouth NH, son of John

ABBOTT Matilde C., born: Boston, daughter of Samuel L.
Married 7 June 1850 in Boston to
DEXTER Samuel P., merchant, born: Boston, son of Charles P.

ABBOTT Miranda M., 22, born: Ellsworth Me, daughter of Moses and Hannah
Married 21 Jul 1850 in Lowell to
EMERY Henry, 27, carpenter, born: Biddeford Me, son of John P. and Mary

ABBOTT Rufus K., 27, machinist, born: Kingfield Me, residence: Lawrence, son of Hall and Ann
Married 1 Jan 1850 in Lowell to
PARKER Nancy J., 23, place of birth and residence: Chelmsford, daughter of Arthur and Sybil

ABBOTT Ruth W., residence of the bride: Lowell
Married 10 Dec 1844 in Lowell to
LADD John O. M., residence of the groom: Lowell

ABBOTT Sarah, 23, residence: Lowell, daughter of Josiah and Sarah
Married 25 Sep 1848 in Lowell to
COAN Abraham, 23, teamster, residence: Lawrence, son of S.?. and Susan

ABBOTT Sarah B., widow, residence: Worcester, daughter of Richard P. NOYES
Married 12 Oct 1843 in Worcester to
McKAY John S., single, residence: New York
The father of the bride resides in Worcester and is 'formerly of Shrewsbury'

ABBOTT Sarah J., 23, born: Dracut, residence: Lowell, daughter of Sam'l B. and Sarah J.
Married 25 Dec 1849 in Lowell to
WILKINSON Joseph W., 26, blacksmith, born: South Berwick ME, residence: Effinghan, son of James A. and Mary

ABBOTT Walker, of Portland ME
Married 1 Sep 1842 in Lowell to
EAMES Eley P., of Lowell

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