Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850


From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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ABBOT Abby Ann, 21, residence: Andover, daughter of William B. and Lucinda of Andover
Married 14 Nov 1844 in Andover to
MURPHY George, 22, laborer, residence: Andover, son of Peter of Andover

ABBOT Adeline A., 42, single, resisence: Andover, daughter of Asa and Judith of Andover
Married 2 Jan 1844 in Andover to
MANNING Thomas, 61, farmer, residence: Andover, son of Thomas and Hannah of Andover

ABBOT Amos 2d, 23, yeoman, residence: Andover, son of Job and Mary
Married 24 Dec 1846 in Andover to
BLANCHARD Lydia H., 18, residence: Andover, daughter of Abel and Elizabeth

ABBOT Angeline G., 19, born: Boston, daughter of Josiah L. and Ellen
Married 21 Nov 1850 in Southborough to
PIKE George L., 23, bootmaker, born: Westborough, son of Jonathan and Azuba

ABBOT Antoinette, 22, miliner, residence: Lowell, daughter of Sam'l B. and Sally
Married 27 Nov 1845 in Lowell to
SMITH John, 24, operative, residence: Lowell, son of Sam'l and Betsey

ABBOT Calvin T., residence: Newton
Married 29 Nov 1846 in Watertown to
WYMAN Mary A., residence: Newton

ABBOT Caroline, 20, residence and place of birht: Randolph, daughter of William and Caroline
Married 2 May 1850 in Randolph to
GOOCH William, 20, leather cutter, residence and place of birth: Randolph, son of Thomas and Charlotte

ABBOT Caroline L., 24, born: Middleton, daughter of Henry and Lucy F.
Married 24 Sep 1850 in Andover to
HOLT Samuel B., 26, carpenter, born: Andover, son of Joseph and Elizabeth

ABBOT Charles, residence: Andover
Married 3 Apr 1845 in Andover to
BURNS Mary Jane, residence: Andover

ABBOT Charles, residence: Boston
Married 8 Feb 1849 in Boston to
WENTWORTH Betsey, residence: Wakefield (?)

ABBOT Charles H., 22, farmer, residence: So. Brookfield, son of Lewis and Polly
Married 7 May 1845 in Brimfield to
HOMER Susan B., 24, residence: Brimfield, daughter of Lenus and Betsey

ABBOT Elias, housewright, residence: Salem
Married 31 Dec 1846 in Salem to
McCLAY Marg't, residence: Salem, daughter of Alex

ABBOT Eliza, 20, residence: Danvers, daughter of John and Ann
Married 11 Aug 1846 in Danvers to
MESSER Job C., 22, currier, residence: Danvers, son of Daniel

ABBOT Eliza, residence: Chester
Married 22 Feb 1843 in Chester to
ROOT Aurelius C., merchant, residence: Chester

ABBOT Elizabeth West, 28, residence: Andover, daughter of Amos and Esther
Married 20 Oct 1844 in Andover to
BLACKMER Joel B., 30, clerk of church, residence: Ridgeway, New York, son of J.

ABBOT Eliza Jane, 25, born: Randolph, daughter of William
Married 21 Jun 1850 in Randolph to
MASTERSON Hugh, 26, born: Ireland, son of Michael

ABBOT Ezra, 47, 1st marriage, farmer, born: Andover, residence: Andover, son of Daniel and Priscilla
Married 19 Apr 1849 in Andover to
BAILEY Hannah, 35, 1st marriage, born: Andover, residence: Andover, daughter of William and Rebecca

ABBOT Francis B. of Dracut
Married 17 Nov 1842 in Dracut to
DODGE Hannah F. of Dracut

ABBOT Hannah H., 19, residence: Boston, daughter of Richard W. and Hannah
Married 29 Mar 1846 in Charlestown to
BYRON Thomas A., 22, carpenter, residence: Charlestown, son of Thomas and Elizabeth
Recorded in volume 19, page 19 and in volume 25, page 17

ABBOT Harriet, 17, residence: Weymouth, daughter of Samuel and Harriet H.
Married 6 Dec 1848 in Weymouth to
THAYER Stillman, 21, born: Weymouth, residence: Weymouth, son of Stillman and Mary

ABBOT Jacob A., victualler, residence: Brighton
Married 28 Jun 1843 in Newton to
BRACKETT Eliza, residence: Newton, daughter of Nath'l

ABBOT Jeremiah F., 20, carpenter, residence: Charlestown
Married 8 July 1845 in Charlestown to
SAVAGE Susan B., 23, residence: Charlestown

ABBOT Joanna, 19, born: Andover, residence: Andover, daughter of Job and Lucy
Married 20 Jan 1848 in Andover to
DOLE William A., 28, trader, residence: Andover, son of Paul and Mary L.

ABBOT John Jr., 28, residence: Danvers, son of John of Danvers
Married 20 Apr 1845 in Danvers to
GRAVES Joanna, 24, residence: Danvers

ABBOT Lucy, 18, residence: Hinsdale, daughter of John and Cyntha
Married 13 Apr 1846 in Hinsdale to
ADAMS Orsemus, 23, farmer, residence: Hinsdale, son of John and Elizabeth

ABBOT Nancy C., 21, residence: Paxton, daughter of Aaron
Married 29 Jun 1843 in Paxton to
STONE David M., carpenter, residence: Rutland

ABBOT Raphael, residence: Randolph
Married 7 Apr 1844 in Randolph to
COULOMB (or CONLOMB) Rosette, residence: Randolph

ABBOT Selia W., residence: Stoneham
Married 24 Oct 1844 in Stoughton to
FRENCH Jane, residence: Stoneham

ABBOT Sarah, 34, 1st marriage, born: Andover, residence: Andover, daughter of James and Mary
Married 25 Oct 1848 in Andover to
HOLT Joshuaa, 44, 2nd marriage, born: Andover, residence: Bradford, son of Solomon and Mary

ABBOT Susan, residence: Salem
Married 24 Nov 1846 in Salem to
GIFFORD James B., housewright, residence: Salem

ABBOT William, widower, grocer, residence: Charlestown
Married 24 Dec 1846 in Charlestown to
HUNT Susan E., maiden, residence: Charlestown, daughter of Enoch and Esther

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