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  • Mayville State to host Norwegian Heritage Elderhostel June 19-24, 2005
    The event, entitled “An Exploration of ‘Our’ Norwegian Heritage,” will be held June 19-24, 2005, in Mayville, North Dakota, located in the Red River Valley. Mayville State University (ND).

  • Roots run deep in family trees
    In the spirit of "Roots," three recent picture books look at African American family histories from our 21st century vantage point. San Francisco Chronicle (CA), January 29, 2006.

  • In 200 Years of Family Letters, a Nation's Story
    The Cowan family has kept letters written to one another for more than 200 years, creating one of the largest private family troves that has turned up in recent years. New York Times (NY), January 29, 2006.

  • Search Victoria Cross documents online
    The VC was instituted by Royal Warrant on 29 January 1856 as an award for servicemen who had performed an act of valour. To celebrate the 150th anniversary of this prestigious award, The National Archives has made the VC registers available online for the first time. News from the National Archives (UK), January 27, 2006.

  • The role of self-identification in Abenaki recognition
    Individuals, when seeking tribal membership, must submit genealogical records and other documentation to the tribe. Indian people who belong to unrecognized tribes face discrimination and marginalization. Franklin County Courier (VT), January 26, 2006.

  • Top 20 foreigners who came on board
    The National Archives at Kew has compiled a list of famous names featuring in British Naturalisation Papers. News from the National Archives (UK), January 26, 2006.

  • Old obits enter cyberspace at library
    Pennsylvania : The Butler Area Public Library's new online obituary index so far contains 72,000 death records culled from Butler County newspapers from 1818 to 2000. Pittsburgh Post Gazette (PA), January 26, 2006.

  • Fry explores his roots
    For years, we have known Stephen Fry as a writer, actor and raconteur. His private life, has for the most part remained private, but in BBC 2's Who Do You Think You Are, we saw a side of Fry that has never been explored - his background and his Jewish roots. Something Jewish (UK), January 26, 2006.

  • PBS to Offer Special Programming for Black History Month
    The centerpiece for this month of special programs is a four-hour series by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., which uses genealogy and DNA science to trace the roots of a group of African-American citizens back through American history to Africa. Press release (US), January 25, 2006.

  • American Association for State and Local History Announces 2006 Leadership in History Awards Program
    The American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) invites submissions to the newly renamed Leadership in History Awards Program. The Weekly (GA), January 25, 2006.

  • Corinth group working on town history
    Maine : The Corinth Historical Society is busy researching and writing the history of Corinth, a job which has not been done since 1883. Bangor Daily News (ME), January 23, 2006.

  • Tracing the past
    Florida : Prospective members of the Puc Puggy chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution got some help with proving their eligibility for membership recently at the Lady Lake Public Library. Villages Daily Sun (FL), January 23, 2006.

  • Exiles and Emigrants
    A museum exhibit in Melbourne, Australia is telling the huge, mournful story of emigration from Victorian England. The Age (AUS), January 24, 2006.

  • Internet revolution has rediscovered the ties that bind
    The announcement that the 27th International Congress of Genealogical and Heraldic Sciences is to be held this year at St Andrews, from August 21 to 26, will gratify the many aficionados of genealogy in Scotland. The Scotsman (UK), January 22, 2006.

  • Love You, K2a2a, Whoever You Are
    There are a lot of things I may never know about K2a2a, one of four founding mothers of a large chunk of today's Ashkenazi Jewish population and the one from whom - I learned last week - I am directly descended. New York Times (NY), January 22, 2006.

  • A Schifflette Story
    There are 544 listings for Shifflett, Shiflett, Schifflett, Shifflet, Shifflitt, Shifflette and Shiflet in the Harrisonburg, Virginia phone book. That compares to 549 Smiths and 537 Millers. Daily News Record (VA), January 21, 2006.

  • My, you've come a long way – without even leaving home
    Surname maps that blow apart the myth of mass geographical mobility are the lure of the latest family history website to be swamped by huge demand. The Times (UK), January 21, 2006.

  • Wipe off your lipstick, pull on your breeches: 60 years later, it´s back to the land
    The Women´s Land Army made a huge contribution to Home Front efforts during the early 1940s, carrying out a wide range of farm work such as feeding and milking animals, maintaining woodland and ploughing. News from the National Archives (UK), January 19, 2006.

  • Family associations help you navigate surname research
    For just about every surname in your family tree, there is probably a corresponding organized family association. The Albuquerque Tribune (NM), January 19, 2006.

  • Web helps find loved one’s burial spot
    In November, Colorado Springs set up an online service that lets people use the Internet to find where in city-owned Fairview or Evergreen cemeteries friends and relatives are buried. Colorado Springs Gazette (CO), January 17, 2006.

  • 25 Chinese records go into Guinness Book in 2005
    The Confucius family genealogy, one of the 25 records, is considered the longest of its kind in world records. Dating back 2,800 years, it clearly records the 86 generations of the Confucius family tree. (China), January 16, 2006.

  • Fayetteville Public Library acquires online maps collection
    Arkansas : The Fayetteville Public Library is now offering the latest in map services with the online Digital Sanborn Maps 1867-1970. Northwest Arkansas Times (AR), January 15, 2006.

  • Nothing ventured, nothing ‘gained’
    Don’t be too quick in tossing things away because some are priceless to the genealogy of a family or to the history of an area. Herald Democrat (TX), January 15, 2006.

  • Book on Duxbury illuminates Pilgrims' lives
    When you're looking for Pilgrims - and their descendants and cousins - don't stop at Plymouth. Keep in mind nearby Massachusetts communities such as Pembroke, Bridgewater, Marshfield - and Duxbury. Bangor Daily News (ME), January 16, 2006.

  • Gloria Totoricagüena new director of the Center for Basque Studies
    Dr. Totoricagüena is heading up the Center's genealogy project which is creating the Basque Family Heritage in the USA genealogy database which will be ready for public use in mid 2007. (Spain), January 16, 2006.

  • Jeremy Paxman discovers who he is
    Widowed, ten mouths to feed, and facing the workhouse. Is this where you came from? The reality for most people in the United Kingdom is that they are more likely to be descended from paupers than from gentry. News from the National Archives (UK), January 11, 2006.

  • Post-Civil War archives on ex-slaves open to all
    Records of the Freedmen's Bureau, established by the federal government in March 1865 and disbanded in June 1872 can now be seen on microfilm by the public thanks to a five-year effort to preserve the bureau's original records. Pittsburgh Post Gazette (PA), January 15, 2006.

  • Who Do You Think You Are?
    Last year six million viewers tuned in weekly to BBC´s Who Do You Think You Are?, translating into a 74% increase in visits to The National Archives´ website. To coincide with the start of the second series, The National Archives is launching a new comprehensive family history website to help Britons explore their own ancestral roots. News from the National Archives (UK), January 11, 2006.

  • County record disposal concerns historian
    Indiana : There could be growing gaps in Morgan County's public records, according to county historian Sam Cline. Reporter-Times (IN), January 12, 2006.

  • Saving My Family History and Remembering the Holocaust: The Tale of a Synagogue
    This is the story of my family's roots in Latvia, my rediscovery of the synagogue where my great grandparents probably were married, and my ongoing attempts to save that synagogue. (US), January 13, 2006.

  • Records added to VA’s online gravesite locator
    The burial locations of more than 5 million veterans for whom the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has provided grave markers are now available on the Internet, as well as the information inscribed on the markers. Beaumont Journal (TX), January 11, 2006.

  • Climbing up the family tree
    When Alison Pierce acquired a series of old photos of her ancestors, she never guessed it was the start of a trail that would lead to the Royal Family. Western Mail (Wales), January 11, 2006.

  • Thulani Davis Discovers Ancestors, Both Black And White, In New Book
    In the book My Confederate Kinfolk: A Twenty-First Century Freedwoman Discovers Her Roots, beloved novelist and playwright Thulani Davis takes a journey through her ancestral history. Atlanta Daily World (GA), January 9, 2006.
    Read more about this book at : (United States), (United Kingdom), and (Canada)

  • Pine Cone and Tassel maps spots where Mainers relocated
    Oregon, Washington, California, Minnesota, Wisconsin. The January issue of The Pine Cone and Tassel could be called "Where They Went." Bangor Daily News (ME), January 9, 2006.

  • Hundreds use new state law giving adoptees access to birth records
    A year after a law started granting adoptees access to their original birth certificates in New Hampshire, a similar proposal is being considered in Maine. Foster's Daily Democrat (NH), January 8, 2006.

  • Keep a family journal
    A family journal is exactly what it sounds like: a journal for every member of the family to contribute to. Mail Tribune (OR), January 7, 2006.

  • She helps others find the life she never had
    After a life of difficult family relations, a St. Petersburg private eye helps others reunite and rebuild. St. Petersburg Times (FL), January 4, 2006.

  • Kearney Family Story - Limerick to Queensland
    "Limerick to Queensland: The Kearney Family Story", a family history available in early 2006, tells the story of this Kearney family and descendants. AUS-GEN-EVENTS-L, January 2, 2006.

  • Why my history is steeped in blod
    How one woman's search into her family's past uncovered a forgotten episode in Scottish history. Daily Record (SCT), January 3, 2006.

  • Internet helps bring oral history home
    Boulder County, Colorado oral history tapes can now be listened to and read online through a DSL or cable Internet connection. The Daily Times-Call (CO), January 3, 2006.

  • There’s no replacing expertise of local historians
    There is one crucial aspect of genealogy that I feel confident the Internet will not replace effectively: the role of the expert local historian. Lebanon Daily News (PA).

  • Jewish genealogy events: January-February
    Everyone’s searching for their roots, and during January and early February, genealogy events are set in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Ra’anana, Beer Sheva and Netanya. Ynetnews (Israel), January 1, 2006.

  • Memorial Ceremony Set for Julian’s Black Pioneers
    South California : David Lewis and Valorie Ashley are spearheading plans for headstones to be placed on at least four of Julian’s black pioneers’ graves, along with a special plaque to commemorate their importance to the history of Julian. Ramona Home Journal and Julian Journal (CA), January 1, 2006.

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