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United Kingdom, Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories

  • Finding Genealogy on the Internet:. By Peter Christian, second edition, published in 2002. The full text of this book focusing on UK genealogy is available online (pdf document).

  • Naval History of Great Britain 1793 - 1827 by William James, published in 1837. Volumes III to VI, and and an index of 4,800+ names mentioned in the 6 volumes, are online

  • The Recusant Historian's Handbook. Free online edition of this out of print publication of the North West Catholic History Society (England)

  • Bye-paths in Baptist History by J. J. Goadby, 1871 (digitized edition)

  • Antient funeral monuments, of Great-Britain, Ireland, and the islands adjacent : Digitized edition of this book by John Weever published in 1767.

  • British monumental inscriptions : gathered occasionally, from divers churchyards. Digitized edition of this book by Edwin Roffe published in 1859. A collection of 100 inscriptions.

  • Curious epitaphs. Collected from the graveyards of Great Britain and Ireland, with biographical, genealogical and historical notes. Digitized edition of this book by William Andrews published in 1883.

  • Gleanings from God's acre: being a collection of epitaphs. Digitized edition of this book by Samuel Johnson published in 1883. Includes a comprehensive index of person's names, place names, and of first lines.


    British Virgin Islands

    Channel Islands


    Isle of Man

    Northern Ireland

    • Armagh families: Free online edition of this book by Thomas Stothers published in 2003.



  • Auctions for Genealogists : One-click search results.

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