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  • The History of England, from the accession of James the Second: Volume 1 - Volume 2 - Volume 3 - Volume 4 - Volume 5 : by Baron Thomas Babington Macaulay, 1800-1859

  • Compendious history and genealogy of the sovereigns of England: From the reign of Egbert the Great to that of her present Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Victoria. Free online edition of this book by Standish G. Wilson published in 1844.

  • Heraldic Visitations Online.

  • Monumenta Anglicana : being inscriptions on the monuments of several eminent persons deceased in or since the year 1650, to the end of the year 1679. Digitized edition of this book by John Le Neve published in 1718.

  • An original collection of extant epitaphs. Gathered by a commercial in spare moments. Digital edition of this book by Frederick Maiben published in London in 1870.

  • Antiente epitaphes (from A.D.1250 to A.D. 1800). Digitized edition of this book by Thomas FitzArthur Ravenshaw published in 1878.

  • The Annual Monitor for 1851 or, Obituary of the members of the Society of Friends in Great Britain and Ireland, for the year 1850: Download this ebook for free.

  • Dictionary of Ancient Occupations and Trades, Ranks, Offices, and Titles With emphasis on England and its 16th and 17th century colonies.

  • Bedfordshire

  • Berkshire

  • Buckinghamshire

  • Cambridgeshire

  • Cheshire

  • Cornwall

  • Cumberland

  • Derbyshire

  • Devon

  • Dorset

  • Durham

  • Essex

  • Gloucestershire

  • Herefordshire

  • Hertfordshire

    • North Mymms, Hertfordshire, England History : 20 complete books, the majority include original photographs and etchings, 40 historial features and memories and an interactive Forum where you can discuss issues related to the history of North Mymms.

  • Huntingdonshire

  • Lancashire

  • Leicestershire

  • London and Middlesex

  • Norfolk

    • The Visitation of Norfolk in the Year 1563. Printed by Miller and Leavin : Volume 1 - Volume 2.

  • Northamptonshire

  • Northumberland

  • Nottinghamshire

  • Oxfordshire

  • Rutland

    • The Victoria history of the county of Rutland : Volume 1 of 2. Published in 1908. Volume 1 contains Natural History, Early Man, Romano-British Rutland, Anglo-Saxon Remains, Ancient Earthworks, Domesday, Ecclesiastical History, Religious Houses, Political History, Social and Economic History, Industries, Forestry, Schools, Sport.

    • The Victoria history of the county of Rutland : Volume 2 of 2. Published in 1908. Volume 2 contains :
      Oakham Soke: Oakham, Belton, Braunston, Brooke, Clipsham, Egleton, Langham, Wardley.
      Martinsley Hundred: Ayston, Beaumont Chase, Edith Weston, Hambleton, Lyndon, Manton, Martinsthorpe, Normanton, Preston, Ridlington, Uppingham, Wing.
      Alstoe Hundred: Ashwell, Burley, Cottesmore with Barrow, Exton, Greetham, Horn, Market Overton, Stretton, Teigh, Thistleton, Whissendine, Whitwell.
      Wrandike Hundred: Barrowden, Bisbooke, Caldecott, Glaston, Liddington, North Luffenham, South Luffenham, Morcott, Pilton, Seaton with Thorpe-by-Water, Stoke Dry, Tixover.
      East Hundred: Great Casterton, Little Casterton, Empingham, Essendine, Ketton, Pickworth, Ryhall, Tickencote, Tinwell with Ingthorpe.

  • Shropshire

  • Somerset

  • Staffordshire

  • Suffolk

    • Suffolk surnames: Free online reproduction of the 1861 edition of this book by Nathaniel Ingersoll Bowditch.

  • Surrey

  • Sussex

  • Warwickshire

  • Westmorland

  • Wiltshire

  • Worcestershire

  • Yorkshire

  • Auctions for Genealogists : One-click search results.

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