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Surname : Armstrong

ARMSTRONG, (Madame) (née Déligny) – Died October 21, 1878 at Sorel, Quebec, aged 67 – Recilct of the late Hon. David Morrison Armstrong, M.L.C., of Quebec. She was a daughter of the late Jacques Déligny, Esq., M.P.P. for Berthier, by Françoise Langevin – (Obit. 78).

ARMSTRONG, A. M. – Canadian Voyageur who accompanied Nile Expedition for the relief of General Gordon, Winnipeg Division – Died during the expedition in 1884 or 1885 – (Appendix 3, 1884)

ARMSTRONG, Bartholomew - Died September 22, 1885 off Grand Manan, New Brunswick – One of eleven men, mostly residents of St. John and Portland, New Brunswick, drowned on the wrecked steamer Humacao. – (JRO 85).

ARMSTRONG, Charlotte Elizabeth (Madame Langevin) – Died April 9, 1886 in Ottawa, Ontario, aged 29 – Died from consumption - Wife of Edouard J. Langevin, Esq., Clerk of the Senate of Canada. She was the daughter of the Hon. Jas. Armstrong, C.M.G., late Chief Justice of St. Lucia and Tobago, West Indies. – (Obit. 86).

ARMSTRONG, Chas. Logie (Capt.) – Late Supdt. of Works, Lake St. Peter, Quebec – Born in 1797 at Ste. Ursule, Quebec – Died December 5, 1883 at Sorel, Quebec – He was twice married : firstly to the daughter of Mr. A. Ferguson, of Athol House, Baie des Chaleurs, and secondly to Louisa, daughter of Capt. Taylor. His only son, Hon. James Armstrong, C.M.G., was for some years Chief Justice of St. Lucia and Tobago, Windward Islands, and is now President of the Montreal and Sorel Railway. His brother is the late Harbour Master of Quebec. He was the descendant of U.E. Loyalists, who gave up valuable property in the city of New York rather than live under the flag of the revolted Colonies. Upon evacuation of New York, the family came over in a frigate, and settled in the District of Gaspé, landing at a place still called Armstrong's Landing; but not liking the climate, they came up the river to Sorel, where they settled for a time. They then took grants in the Laurentian Mountains, in the County of Maskinongé, north of Lake St. Peter. – (Obit. 83).

ARMSTRONG, George, former resident of Barrie, Ontario – Died December 8, 1879, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba – Commits suicide by taking strychnine – (JRO 79).

ARMSTRONG, Jas. – Died December 11, 1886 near St. James, Manitoba – Shoots himself accidentally – (ADS 86).

ARMSTRONG, Jas. (Lt-Clo.) - Late commanding the 30th Wellington Batt. of Rifles – Born in 1817 in Londonderry, Ireland – Died June 30, 1886 at Guelph, Ontario, where he had resided since 1834. – (Obit. 86).

ARMSTRONG, John – Died May 20, 1879, Huntley, Carleton, Ontario, aged 103 – (JRO 79).

ARMSTRONG, Jos. - Died February 13, 1886 at St. George, Ontario – Burnt to death – (ADS 86).

ARMSTRONG, M. ( Miss) – Died April 13, 1883, Guelph, Ontario, aged 19 – Drowned in a cellar – (ADS 83).

ARMSTRONG, Mary (Mrs. Ryerson) – Died January 20, 1884 in Toronto, Ontario, aged 75 – Relict of the late Rev. A. E. Ryerson, D.D., LL.D. She was the second wife of Dr. Ryerson. She was the eldest daughter of the late Jas. R. Armstrong, Esq., of Toronto and was married in November, 1833. – (Obit. 84).

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