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ABBOTT, Geo. M. - M.D. (1832) – Born February 10, 1808 – Died January 14, 1885 in Montreal, Quebec – He served in the Texan army during the Mexican war – (Obit. 85).

ACHINTRE, Auguste – Journalist in Haiti and in Canada – Born in 1834 in Becanon, France – Died June 25, 1886 in Montreal, Quebec – (Obit. 86).

ADAMS, Geo. - Founder of Adamsville, Quebec – Died October 14, 1885 at Adamsville, Quebec aged 72 – (Obit. 85).

ADOIN, Philip – Died February 23, 1886 near Stanbridge, Quebec – Railway accident. – (ADS 86).

ALEXANDER, Robert – Died September 6, 1882, Valleyfield, Quebec – Found dead in the canal – (ADS 82).

ALLAN, Hugh (Sir), Kt. – Head of the ocean steamship and shipping firm of H. & A. Allan, of Montreal, Liverpool, Glasgow, &c. – Born September 26, 1810 at Saltcoats, Ayshire Scotland – Died December 9, 1882 at Saltcoats, Ayrshire, Scotland – His remains were brought to Montreal for interment. The second son of Capt. Alex. Allan, who commanded a vessel trading between Greenock and Montreal. Came out to Canada in 1826 and established himself in Montreal – (Obit. 82).

ALLAN, Matilda (Lady) (née Smith) – Died June 11, 1881 in Montreal, Quebec, aged 53 – Wife of Sir Hugh Allan of Ravenscrag, Montreal, to whom she was united in 1844. – (Obit. 80-81).

ALLEYN, Richard (Hon.) – Judge of the Superior Court of the Province of Quebec – Deceased, successor appointed on January 26, 1884 – (PAPS Dominion 84).

ALLEYN, Richard (Hon.) – Puisne Judge of the Superior Court of Quebec (1881-83) – Born in 1836 at Trabolgan, the seat of Lord Fermoy, Co. of Cork, Ireland – Died August 16, 1883 at St. Germain de Rimouski, Quebec – When very young, accompanied his father, the late Commander R. I. Alleyn, to Canada, and was educated in Quebec. His brother, Hon. Chas, Alleyn, Q.C., is the present Sheriff of Quebec. – (Obit. 83).

AMYOT, E. P., of Montreal, Quebec – Died September 22, 1882 – Killed by the explosion of the steam boiler on the Richelieu steamer plying as a ferry boat between Lachine and Chateauguay Basin – (JRO 82).

AMYOT, Marguerite Alice Gertrude Pennée (Madame) – Died December 21, 1883 at Quebec – Wife of Guillaume Amyot, Esq., M.P. to whom she was married in 1874. – (Obit. 83).

ANDERSEN, John – Died April 21, 1883 in Montreal, Quebec – Smothered in a refinery – (ADS 83).

ANDERSON, (Mrs) – Housekeeper, St. James' Club – Died November 13, 1882 in Montreal, Quebec – Hangs herself in her bedroom – (ADS 82).

ANDREWS, Fred. Americus, Q.C. - Advocate - Died July 7, 1885 in Quebec City aged 82 – (Obit. 85).

ANDREWS, Henry Ogden, Q.C. (1867) – Died March 25, 1884 at Leamington, England – He was called to the Bar of Lower Canada in 1830. – (Obit. 84).

ANDREWS, James – Peninsular veteran – Born Omagh, Tyrone, Ireland – Died January 10, 1882, Windsor, Quebec aged 101 – (DL 82).

ANGERS, Julie Marguerite (Madame), (née Chinic) – January 11, 1879 in Quebec City aged 32 – Wife of Hon. A. R. Angers, M.P., late Attorney General of Quebec, she was a daughter of Hon. Senator Chinic – (Obit. 79).

ANSLEY, George Doane – City Surveyor of Montreal (1876) – Born December 2, 1836 in Montreal, Quebec – Died September 22, 1883 in Montreal, Quebec – Died the result of an accident – He was a son of the late Rev. Amos Ansley, for many years incumbent of Hull, Quebec. – (Obit. 83).

ARCHAMBAULT, Alexandre – Advocate – Died July 12, 1879, L'Assomption, Quebec, aged 50 – (Obit. 79).

ARMITAGE, Jas. - Died June 10, 1884 in North Onslow, Quebec, about 8 miles from Quio – Fatally shot by a neighbour named Thos. Wolsely who is tried for murder and acquitted. – (JRO 84).

ARMSTRONG, (Madame) (née Déligny) – Died October 21, 1878 at Sorel, Quebec, aged 67 – Recilct of the late Hon. David Morrison Armstrong, M.L.C., of Quebec. She was a daughter of the late Jacques Déligny, Esq., M.P.P. for Berthier, by Françoise Langevin – (Obit. 78).

ARMSTRONG, Chas. Logie (Capt.) – Late Supdt. of Works, Lake St. Peter, Quebec – Born in 1797 at Ste. Ursule, Quebec – Died December 5, 1883 at Sorel, Quebec – He was twice married : firstly to the daughter of Mr. A. Ferguson, of Athol House, Baie des Chaleurs, and secondly to Louisa, daughter of Capt. Taylor. His only son, Hon. James Armstrong, C.M.G., was for some years Chief Justice of St. Lucia and Tobago, Windward Islands, and is now President of the Montreal and Sorel Railway. His brother is the late Harbour Master of Quebec. He was the descendant of U.E. Loyalists, who gave up valuable property in the city of New York rather than live under the flag of the revolted Colonies. Upon evacuation of New York, the family came over in a frigate, and settled in the District of Gaspé, landing at a place still called Armstrong's Landing; but not liking the climate, they came up the river to Sorel, where they settled for a time. They then took grants in the Laurentian Mountains, in the County of Maskinongé, north of Lake St. Peter. – (Obit. 83).

ASSELIN, F. X. of St. Sauveur, Quebec – Died February 8, 1885 at Lake Simon, Quebec – Burned to death in a wooden shanty where he was sleeping. – (JRO 85).

AUBERTIN, Antoine – Born in Quebec – Died July 27, 1886 at Boucherville, Quebec aged 98 – (DL 86).

AUGER, Esther – Died June 10, 1882, Quebec – Killed by lightning – (ADS 82).

AUGER, Louis A. – Official Assignee for the District of Iberville, in the Province of Quebec – Deceased, successor appointed on May 25, 1878 – (PAPS Dominion 78).

AULDJO, John Richardson (Major General) – Born in 1825 – Died June 14, 1879, Myrtle Bank, Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Scotland – He was the son of the late Geo. Auldjo, Esq., of Montreal, Quebec, and grandson of Hon. Ohnj Rijchardsonj, of the same city – (Obit. 79).

AUMOND, Joseph – Lumber merchant born in L'Assomption, Quebec – Born in 1810 at L'Assomption, Quebec – Died November 10, 1879 in Ottawa, Ontario – He is one of the early pionneers of the Ottawa Valley, he having first taken up his residence at Bytown, now Ottawa, when he was but 17 years of age – (Obit. 79).

AUSTIN, Hugh Whitchurch – Late Capt H. M.'s 56th Regt (Pompadours) – Died April 4, 1886 at Berthier en haut, Quebec – He was a son of the late Hon. Thos. Austin, of Chambly, Quebec. – (Obit. 86).

AYLMER, Mary Eliza (Lady) (née Journeaux) – Died September 14, 1881, Melbourne, Quebec, aged 71 – Wife of the R. Hon. Lord Aylmer – (Obit. 80-81).

AYOTTE, Zéphirin – Died December 27, 1882 at Arthabaskaville, Quebec – Killed by Romain Chabot who was found guilty of the murder on March 2, 1883 and sentenced to be hanged, but his sentence is subsequently commuted for imprisonment for life. His son, Joseph Chabot, who participated in the murder, is sentenced to ten years' imprisonment. Napoleon Blanchet and Jas. Orr, also implicated, are released on bail. – (JRO 83).

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