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The NEW American & European Family Forest

Has just been released!

A one-of-a-kind CD-ROM

Locate fascinating stories about ancestors of most of the people in America and Europe

The A&E Family Forest represents more than 12,000 hours of journeying through hundreds of historical and genealogical books and society periodicals.

You can instantly zoom in to any point along the journey

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Here is what you get
(Description based on the November 1999 Millenium edition):

-- A fully sourced lineage-linked database that digitally connects people with each other, and with the history they created.

-- Many lines travelling at least ten generations, and some for more than sixty generations. Span 2,000 years of American and European history.

-- Many thousands of individuals included in an integrated, searchable database.
- U.S. Presidential lineages
- U.S. Founders & Patriots lineages
- Mid-Atlantic lineages

-- A great resource to connect history and genealogy. History comes alive when seen through the lives of families. Digitally connecting this much material produces views of history that cannot be seen elsewhere.

-- Insights about family life at various points in history. Use date qualifiers and keywords to zero in on different time periods during the last 2,000 years.

-- Countless pointers to human-interest stories about multi-generation adventures and accomplishments seen through the lives of families.

-- Use the A&E Family Forest to ignite the interest of your children or grandchildren in your own family history. It can stimulate pride, self-esteem, a sense of possibility, and hope for the future.

-- Search, browse and print family group sheets, kinship charts, ancestor charts. fan charts. ahnentafel charts, descendant charts

-- Installation is simple and quick

The A&E Family Forest digitally maps out and connects recorded knowledge about the family ties that lead to most of the people in America and Europe, and makes the results available almost instantly.

In addition to many of the people in the A&E Family Forest being connected to a thousand or more of their ancestors, many are connected to six thousand or more cousins.

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