Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850


From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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WILSON Aaron G., farmer, residence: Salem N.?.
Married 5 Oct 1848 in Haverhill to
BAILEY Abby, daughter of John and Abigail

WILSON Abel, 53, widowed, farmer, residence: Leominster, son of David and Martha
Married 30 Mar 1847 in Leominster to
FOSTER Hannah, 53, widowed, residence: Leominster, daughter of FLAGG Gersh.?. and Sarah

WILSON Abigail, 68, 2nd marriage, residence: Belchertown
Married 7 Sep 1848 in Belchertown to
GOODALE Moses, 71, 2nd marriage, farmer, residence: Belchertown

WILSON Alfred, 34, shoemaker, residence: Leicester, son of Jacob and Lydia
Married 29 Nov 1845 in Leicester to
BANCROFT Clarissa, 31, residence: Leicester, daughter of N.?. and Mary

WILSON Allen, 22, baker, son of David and Sarah
Married 12 Nov 1845 in Lowell to
PORTER Susan K., 18, operative, daughter of Amos and Betsey

WILSON Almira, 22, residence: Medford
Married 29 Nov 1844 in Medford to
CABOT Henry, 35, farmer, residence: Medford

WILSON Alonzo B., 26, farmer, residence: Royalston, son of Nathaniel
Married 3 Sep 1846 in Winchendon to
STODDARD Susan A., 18, residence: Winchendon, daughter of Alvin and Harriet

WILSON Ann D., 19, residence: Methuen, son of Jesse and Hannah
Married 10 Nov 1848 in Methuen to
LEE Ede, 28, carpenter, residence: Methuen, son of Ede and Mary

WILSON Ann Genett, 24, residence: Boston, daughter of Thomas
Married 4 Jun 1848 in Cambridge to
SMITH Henry, 26, mariner, residence: Boston, son of Henry

WILSON Anne, 27, born: Ireland, residence: Lee, daughter of Hamilton and Sarah
Married 11 Nov 1850 in Lee to
COLEMAN John, 37, laborer, born: Ireland, residence: Lee, son of Tho's and Ann

WILSON Arnold, 38, widowed, carpenter, residence: Fitchburg, son of Reuben and Joan
Married 5 Mar 1845 in Fitchburg to
BROWN Susan B., 29, widowed, tailoress, residence: Fitchburg, daughter of HALE Stephen and Susan

WILSON Augustus, 19, carpenter, residence: Charlestown, son of John and Mary
Married 10 May 1844 in Charlestown to
GOODWIN Martha Jane, residence: Charlestown, daughter of Reuel and Betsy

WILSON Caroline E., of Charlestown
Married 8 Dec 1842 in Charlestown to
DAVIS Aaron S., of Lynn

WILSON Charles, 23, farmer, born: Deerfield, son of Samuel and Philena
Married 2 Jan 1850 in Deerfield to
SWEET Isabel, 19, born: Deerfield, daughter of Zur and Lois

WILSON George, 26, 1st marriage, mariner, place of birth and residence: St. Lewis NJ, son of Samuel and Rebecca
Married 10 Dec 1850 in Truro to
DOROTHY Dorcas B., 25, 2nd marriage, place of birth and residence: Truro, daughter of COOK Barnabas and Docas

WILSON James P., 28, mariner, residence: Nantucket, son of W'm M. and Leary
Married 15 Jun 1846 in Nantucket to
KING Jane, 28, residence: Nantucket

WILSON Jane R., 21, born: Canada, daughter of Thomas and Jane
Married 1 Jan 1850 in Lowell to
GOULD Henry, 23, operative, born: Springfield VT, son of William and Clarissa

WILSON Mary A., 27, born: St. John NB, daughter of William
Married 20 Dec 1850 in Boston to
BRETT Thomas, 20, mariner, born: Boston, son of Thomas

WILSON Olive F., 25, widow, residence: Nantucket
Married 25 Apr 1844 in Nantucket to
SCOTT Samuel, 25, single, mariner, residence: Nantucket

WILSON Philena see CLARK Philena

WILSON Sarah E., 22, residence: Boston, daughter of Andrew
Married 11 Jul 1850 in Northampton
COOPER William P., 23, printer, born: Andover, residence: Hadley, son of Samuel T.

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