Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850


From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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WILLIAMS Abel, 23, farmer, residence: Taunton, son of Phillip P. and Celia
Married 26 Apr 1849 in Taunton to
SOPERN Ruth C., 23, residence: Taunton, daughter of Samuel T. and Mary B.

WILLIAMS Augusta M., 18, residence: Provincetown, daughter of Jesse N. and Augusta
Married 27 Jan 1848 in Provincetown to
SPARROW Reuben, 23, tin plate maker, residence: Wellfleet, son of Joshua and Abigail

WILLIAMS Benjamin W., 30, editor, residence: Taunton, son of W. ?. and Priscilla
Married 25 May 1846 in Taunton to
REED Clara W., 28, residence: Taunton, daughter of Hodge and Clarisa

WILLIAMS Bethiah H., 16, place of birth and residence: Provincetown, daughter of John and Betsey
Married 28 Oct 1849 in Provincetown to
TURNER Benj. F., 23, mariner, born: Boston, residence: Provincetown, son of Benj. and Eliza

WILLIAMS Cyrus N., 21, artist, residence: Plymouth, son of Jacob and Adah
Married 22 Dec 1846 in Plymouth to
SHERMAN Hannah T., 23, residence: Plymouth, daughter of Isaac M. and Hope

WILLIAMS Eliza, 17, residence: Hadley, daughter of Asa
Married 4 Apr 1844 in Hadley to
SMITH Silas, 23, farmer, residence: Hadley
WILLIAMS Erastus S., 29, attorney, born: Salem N.Y., residence: Chicago Ill., son of William
Married 2 Oct 1850 in Hadley to
WOODBRIDGE Rebecca M., 24, born: Hadley, residence: Hadley, daughter of John

WILLIAMS Harriet, 19, born: Geneseo NY, residence: Chicopee, daughter of Thomas
Married 12 Jun 1850 in Chicopee to
WARNER Lemuel, 20, farmer, born: Belchertown, residence: Chicopee, son of Alonzo

WILLIAMS James F., 24, ruler, residence: Lee, son of Edmund and Julia
Married 21 Sep 1846 in Lee to
BIDWELL Milicent D., 22, teacher, residence: Lee, daughter of Lawson D. and Emmeline

WILLIAMS James W., 24, machinist, born: New Brunswick, son of Daniel
Married 25 Sep 1849 in Boston to
REINBIRD Catharine, 24, born: Ireland, daughter of Thomas

WILLIAMS Jesse N., 46, 2nd marriae, mariner, born: Provincetown, son of Andrew and Ann
Married 17 Dec 1848 in Provincetown to
FREEMAN Lucinda, 38, 1st marriage, born: Provincetown, daughter of Charles and Catherine

WILLIAMS John, 22, laborer, born: New York, residence: Boston, son of William
Married 10 Oct 1850 in Boston to
AYRES Sarah A., 20, born: Washington DC, residence: Boston

WILLIAMS John, 43, 2nd marriage, mariner, residence: Provincetown, son of Jacob and Margaret
Married 14 Jan 1849 in Provincetown to
TURNER Ann, 39, 1st marriage, residence: Provincetown, daughter of W'm

WILLIAMS John H., 26, dentist, born: Athol, residence: Athol, son of W'm H. and Frances
Married 14 Oct 1850 in Warwick to
BALL Harriet M., 25, born: Warwick, residence: Warwick, daughter of John and Harriet

WILLIAMS Julia A., paper factory, residence: Lee, daughter of Edmund
Married 25 Aug 1844 in Lee to
QUAINTANC John, paper factory, residence: Westfield Mass.

WILLIAMS Lucy, 18, born: Barnard VT, residence: Warren, daughter of Simeon and Adeline
Married 4 Sep 1849 in Ware to
DUNBAR William C., 24, farmer, born: Ware, residence: Ware, son of Seth and Cynthia

WILLIAMS Maria S., 20, residence: Nantucket, daughter of James and Ann
Married 6 Sep 1846 in Nantucket to
HARPER Frederich B., 25, mariner, residence: Nantucket, son of Sha.?.H and Laevetia

WILLIAMS Mary K., 21, residence: West Bridgewater, daughter of Josiah and Sylvia
Married 4 Dec 1843 in West Bridgewater to
KEITH Charles P., 23, shoemaker, residence: North Bridgewater, son of Charles and Mehitabel

WILLIAMS Rebecca S., 20, place of birth and residence: Westfield, daughter of Park and Naomi
Married 15 Oct 1850 in Chicopee to
CLAPP Abner S., 21, mason, born: Southampton, residence: Chicopee, son of Luther C. and Charlotte

WILLIAMS Sam'l D., 29, carpenter, born: Hudson NY, residence: Provincetown, son of Jon. and Miriam
Married 19 Aug 1850 in Provincetown to
NICKERSON Eliza A., 18, place of birth and residence: Provincetown, daughter of Jesse and Mary

WILLIAMS Sophia, residence: Chester
Married 31 Mar 1844 in Chester to
ELDER Henry S., mechanic, residence: Cummington

WILLIAMS Susan, 24, born: St. Davids NB, daughter of Lawrence and Lettice
Married 11 Mar 1850 in Lowell to
HARDING James H., 2nd marriage, 40, manufacturer, born: Peterboro NH, son of William and Mary

WILLIAMS Sylvanus, 20, farmer, born: Hartland Con., residence: Lee, son of John and Sally
Married 13 Sep 1850 in Lee to
LINDSEY Harriet, 16, place of birth and residence: Lee, daughter of William and Mary

WILLIAMS Thomas, residence: Salem
Married 7 June 1845 in Salem to
AARON Clara, residence: Salem

WILLIAMS William, att'y at law, residence: Gloucester
Married 5 Oct 1843 in Gloucester 1st parish to
BROWN Abby K., daughter of John

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