Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850


From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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Married ? ? 1844 in Worcester to

MOORE Ann O., 23, born: Lancaster, residence: Chicopee, daughter of Henry and Achsah?*
Married 26 Nov 1850 in Greenfield to
BATES John Jr., 32, farmer, place of birth and residence: Westhampton, son of John and .?.*
* Handwriting difficult to read

MOORE Asa H., 27, 2nd marriage, rail road con'd (?), residence: Plymouth, son of Asa and Sabra
Married 15 May 1848 in Plymouth to
WASHBURN Nancy B., 19, 1st marriage, residence: Plymouth, daughter of John and Nancy

MOORE Augustus A.
Married 10 May 1848 in Springfield to
MOORE Frances H.

MOORE Barnard, 27, widower, stone cutter, residence: Medway, son of Otis and Susan
Married 12 Apr 1848 in Franklin to
GRANT Mary H., 24, widow, housework, residence: Franklin, daughter of POND Paul D. and Huldah
Also registered in Medway where date of marriage is 13 Apr 1848

MOORE Betsey H., 18, residence: Milford, daughter of Daniel and Asenath
Married 5 Aug 1846 in Milford to
HILDRETH Charles F., 20, boot maker, residence: Milford, son of Elijah H. and Mary

MOORE Bloomfield, 24, residence: Philadelphia PA
Married 27 Oct 1842 in Chester to
JESSUP Clara S., 18, residence: Chester
Also Registered in Westfield

MOORE Calvin L., 25, residence: Tolland, son of Lyman
Married 1 Jan 1846 in Tolland to
NYE Almira J., 26, residence: Tolland, daughter of George

MOORE Catharine C., 23, residence: Montgomery, daughter of Flavius and Susan
Married 29 Jun 1847 in Springfield to
LYMAN Jairus J., 23, farmer, residence: Norwich, son of John R. and Ruth

MOORE Chandler W., residence: Athol
Married 9 Apr 1844 in Charlemont to
KEYES Susan, residence: Charlemont

MOORE Charles D., residence: Springfield
Married 1 Jan 1844 in Springfield to
FOSTER Theomma G., maiden, residence: Springfield

MOORE Charles, 35, trader, residence: Ware, son of Caleb and Achsa
Married 22 Nov 1848 in Amherst to
PARSONS Elisabeth B., 21, place of birth and residence: Amherst, daughter of David and Elisabeth

MOORE Daniel S., 22, farmer, residence: Framingham, son of Lewis and Charlotte
Married 10 May 1846 in Sudbury to
ABBOTT Abby J., 21, residence: Framingham

MOORE Frances H.
Married 10 May 1848 in Springfield to
MOORE Augustus A.

MOORE Henry L., 24, farmer, place of birth and residence: Southampton, son of ?aavan
Married 28 Nov 1850 in Southampton to
GRAVES Laura, 19, place of birth and residence: Southampton, daughter of Elijah

MOORE John, 26, laborer, born: Canada, son of Francis and Louisa.
Married 13 Aug 1850 in West Stockbridge to
MICHUE Isabel, 17, born: Mass., daughter of Joseph and Marie

MOORE Julia A., 22, born: Springfield, residence: Williamsburg, daughter of Aaron P.
Married 17 Sep 1850 in Williamsburg to
THAYER Samuel H., 25, butcher, born: Williamsburg, residence: Northampton, son of Hiram

MOORE Louisa, 23, residence: Mount Washington, daughter of John and Clarissa
Married 19 Feb 1846 in Mount Washington to
RACE Ensign, 22, laborer, residence: Mount Washington, son of Phillip and Eve

MOORE Ruth H., 37, 2nd marriage, place of birth and residence: Brimfield, daughter of HITCHCOCK Ira
Married 16 Sep 1850 in Brimfield to
FORD Elisha, 41, 2nd marriage, merchant, born: Pompey NY, residence: Syracuse NY, son of Martin M.

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