Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850


From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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JOHNSON Abel, residence: Williamstown
Married 23 Nov 1843 in Marlboro to
RICE Phebe, residence: Marlboro, daughter of Harvey and Thusa

JOHNSON Albert Jr., 23, painter, residence: Lynn, son of Albert and Deborah
Married 21 May 1846 in Lynn to
LAMSON Mary E., 16, residence: Lynn, daughter of David and Susan

JOHNSON Alex., residence: Boston
Married 4 Jan 1848 in Salem to
FITZ Julia A., residence: Salem

JOHNSON Alexander, 23, machinist, residence: Fall River, son of Sam'l and Elizabeth
Married 27 Jul 1847 in Fall River to
CLARK Esther, 23, residence: Fall River, daughter of Robert and Ellen

JOHNSON Andrew, laborer, residence of the groom: Nantucket
Married 27 Oct 1845 in Nantucket to
O'DONNELL Delia, residence of the bride: Nantucket

JOHNSON Benjamin H., 41, 2nd marriage, forge man, residence: Bridgewater, son of Ezra and Sarah
Married 21 Oct 1849 in Weymouth to
QUACKORY Mary Jane, 26, 1st marriage, residence: Bridgewater, daughter of Thomas J. and Peggy

JOHNSON Catherine, 18, born: Ireland, daughter of Michael
Married 23 Jan 1850 in Chicopee to
McCARTY Dennis, 23, born: Ireland, son of Timothy

JOHNSON Charlotte A., 23, milliner, residence: Worcester, daughter of Chauncy and Polly
Married 26 Nov 1845 in Worcester to
NADEAU Francis, 28, moulder, residence: Worcester, son of Francis and Mary

JOHNSON Clarissa B. of Amherst
Married 7 Dec 1842 in Amherst to
PUFFER Reuben G. of Amherst

JOHNSON Dolly, 36, 1st marriage, deaf & dumb, place of birth and residence: Wendell, daughter of Joel and Tryphema
Married 25 Dec 1850 in Wendell to
KELLEY Nelson, 36, 2nd marriage, deaf & dumb, cabinet maker, born: Winchester N.H., residence: Brattleboro Vt., son of David and Hannah

JOHNSON Edward, 23, farmer, born: Nova Scotia, son of William G. and Sarah
Married 23 Jun 1850 in Rockport to
POOL Mary Elisabeth, 21, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Asa and Elisabeth

JOHNSON Eliza Jane, 25, 1st marriage, born: Ireland, daughter of Thomas
Married 15 Aug 1850 in East Hampton
WALKER John, 35, 1st marriage, born: Scotland, son of James

JOHNSON Elizabeth, residence: W. Springfield
Married 1849 in Lee to
BASSETT Ansel, mill wrigh, born: Lee, residence: Lee, son of Ephraim and Eunice

JOHNSON Ellen, 21, 2nd marriage, born: Ireland, daughter of William and Mary
Married 10 May 1850 in Nantucket to
LEFFORD John J., 44, 2nd marriage, cabinet maker, born: Connecticut, son of John J. and Jane W.

JOHNSON Ellen, 17
Married 28 July 1845 in Nantucket to
LONG William, 21, mariner, residence: New York, son of James and Sarah

JOHNSON George, 24, laborer, born: Nova Scotia, son of Charles and Charlotte
Married 27 Oct 1850 in Marblehead to
LANE Persis Jane, 23, born: Gorham ME, daughter of William and Sarah

JOHNSON Henry, 35, single, mason, residence: Nantucket, son of James and Priscilla
Married 19 Sep 1846 in Nantucket to
SMITH Elizabeth, 25, widow, residence: Nantucket

JOHNSON James C., residence of the groom: Boston
Married 27 June 1849 in Boston to
BLANCHARD Lucy B., residence of the bride: Boston

JOHNSON John, 26, farmer, residence: Boston, son of Joseph and Elizabeth
Married 14 May 1849 in Charlestown to
THOMPSON Mary, 22, residence: Charlestown, daughter of William and Hannah

JOHNSON Joseph P., 35, 2nd marriage, merchant, residence: Provincetown, son of John W. and Jerusha
Married 18 Feb 1849 in Provincetown to
WHORF Mary, 35, 2nd marriage, place of birth and residence: Provincetown, daughter of ATKINS Isaiah and Rebecca

JOHNSON Lydia, residence of the bride: Worcester
Married 8 Sept 1842 in Worcester
BLANCHARD Charles, residence of the groom: Worcester

JOHNSON Mary, 22, born: Ireland
Married 24 Oct 1850 in Boston to
SYNCOCK Richard, 21, taylor, born: St. John NB, son of Thomas

JOHNSON Sarah, 26, residence: Amherst, daughter of Joel of Charlton
Married 30 Nov 1843 in the South Parish of Amherst
REED Thomas, 27, farmer, residence: Amherst, son of Thomas of Amherst

JOHNSON William E., 31, balcksmith, born: England, son of William
Married 19 Sep 1849 in Boston, to
CLARE Sarah, 25, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of John

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