Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850


From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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CLARK Abagail, 20, born: Conway, residence: Deerfield, daughter of Abagail
Married 5 May 1850 in Deerfield to
GRIESCHOW George, 26, manufacturer, born: Germany, residence: Deerfield,son of George and Dorothy

CLARK Abagail, 56, residence: Plymouth, daughter of William and Zilpha
Married 3 May 1849 in Plymouth to
WASHBURN Asaph, 75, farmer, residence: Carver, son of William and Sarah

CLARK Abby Ann B., 22, residence: Plymouth, daughter of Seth and Abigail
Married 15 Sep 1845 in Plymouth to
CORNISH Nath'l, 54, farmer, residence: Plymouth, son of Benjamin and Experience

CLARK Abby G., 27, born: Frankfort Me, daughter of John and Mary
Married 4 Mar 1849 in North Bridgewater to
CURTIS Bela Jun., 28, shoemaker, born: N. Bridgewater, son of Bela and .?.ziah

CLARK Abby T., 20, residence: Plymouth, daughter of John and Abby T.
Married 25 Apr 1847 in Plymouth to
GREEN Asa, 32, farmer, residence: Plymouth, son of Richard and Judith

CLARK Abraham M., 26, shoemaker, residence: West Bridgewater, son of Lemuel of Medway
Married 20 Oct 1846 in West Bridgewater to
KEITH Mary W., 28, residence: West Bridgewater, daughter of ??rdon and Abigail

CLARK Albert P., 41, merchant, born: Brewster, residence: Boston, son of Isaac and Temperence
Married 20 Feb 1849 in Brewster to
FREEMAN Sarah, 30, place of birth and residence: Brewster, daughter of John and Bethiah

CLARK Ann, 55, widow, residence: Southwick, daughter of PELTON Thomas and Ann
Married 22 Dec 1847 in Otis to
HUNT Jonah, 63, widower, farmer, residence: Otis, son of Joseph and Anna

CLARK Ann, 22, born: Ireland, residence: Boston, daughter of Peter
Married 11 Sep 1850 in Boston to
OWENS Patrick, 28, laborer, born: Ireland, residence: Boston, son of Matthew

CLARK Benjamin F., 25, seaman, residence: Plymouth, son of Benj'n and Jerusha
Married 1 Jan 1849 in Plymouth to
COURTNEY Mercy A., 19, residence: Plymouth, daughter of John and Mary Ann

CLARK Caroline L., 22, residence: N. Bridgewater, daughter of John and Mary
Married 14 Feb 1847 in North Bridgewater to
BRIGGS Charles L., 25, mechanic, residence: N. Bridgewater

CLARK Champion W., residence: Philadelphia PA
Married 28 Aug 1845 in Sharon to
TALBOT Nancy E., residence: Sharon, daughter of Josiah

CLARK Charles, residence: Dorchester
Married 28 Aug 1845 in Dedham to
ULTON Phebe Ann, residence: Dorchester
Also registered in Dorchester where the surname of the bride is ULTER

CLARK Charles
Married 28 Aug 1845 in Dorchester to
ULTER Phebe Ann
Also registered in Dedham where the surname of the bride is ULTON

CLARK Chester, 21, boot maker, residence: Stoughton, son of Harvey and Hannah
Married 8 Aug 1847 in North Bridgewater to
MONK Mary E., 21, residence: Stoughton, daughter of Nathan and Sally

CLARK Clarissa L., farmer's daughter, daughter of Elihu
Married 1 Oct 1845 in Lee to
ENTLER George R., clergyman

CLARK David, widower, carpenter, born: Medway, residence: Medway, son of Lemuel of Medway
Married 21 Apr 1845 in Medway to
DANFORTH Harriet, single, born: Taunton, residence: Medway

CLARK David, 28, 2nd marriage, cabinet maker, born: Dorchester, residence: Dorchester, son of David and Bethany
Married 25 June 1848 in Chatham to
HARDING Julia A., 27, 2nd marriage, born: Harwich, residence: Chatham, daughter of NICKERSON Levi and Sarah

CLARK Edwin C., 24, farmer, place of birth and residence: Northampton, son of Alvan and Sophia
Married 20 Nov 1850 in Lee to
HINE Emily, 19, born: Becket, residence: Lee, daughter of W'm and Hannah

CLARK Elihu, 66, 2nd marriage, farmer, born: East Hampton, residence: Lee, son of Phinias and Elizabeth
Married Jan 1850 in Lee to
WRIGHT Betsey, 65, 2nd marriage, place of birth and residence: Hinsdale, widow of Samuel WRIGHT

CLARK Eliza, 2nd marriage, 56, born: Brewster, daughter of Samuel GRAG and Rebecca
Married 13 Dec 1849 in Provincetown to
CHAPMAN Abraham, 2nd marriage, 59, born: Nova Scotia, son of Samuel and Elizabeth

CLARK Elizabeth, 17, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of John
Married 26 Aug 1849 in Boston to
DEMING Marvin, 27, mariner, born: Connecticut, son of Ebenezer

CLARK Elizabeth, 17, residence: Rowley
Married 18 Mar 1847 in Rowley to
PICKARD Charles, 21, shoe maker, residence: Rowley, son of David and Hannah

CLARK Elizabeth A., 24, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Josiah J.
Married 1 Sep 1850 in Boston to
GARY Quincy A., 24, upholsterer, born: Roxbury, son of Phineas

CLARK Esther, 23, residence: Fall River, daughter of Robert and Ellen
Married 27 Jul 1847 in Fall River to
JOHNSON Alexander, 23, machinist, residence: Fall River, son of Sam'l and Elizabeth
CLARK Joseph L.
Married 16 Apr 1843 in Milford to
IDE Anziana

CLARK Lucy A., 20, residence: Otis, daughter of James and Fanny
Married 19 Jun 1848 in Otis to
DEMING John, 22, farmer, residence: Sandisfield, son of Thomas and Elizabeth

CLARK Maria, 25, born: Wilmot, Nova Scotia, daughter of Allen and Rebecca
Married 1 Dec 1850 in Newburyport, Essex County to
EDWARDS Reuben, 2nd marriage, 28, farmer, born: Beverly, son of Ezra and Meriam

CLARK Mary Ann, 21, born: Lee, residence: Stockbridge, daughter of Sam'l and Thankful
Married 10 Oct 1850 in Lee to
PRATT Josiah H., 25, merchant, born: Walpole, residence: Lee, son Leo and Lydia

CLARK Philena, 47, widow, residence: Hubbardston, daughter of WILSON (first names not returned)
Married 30 Nov 1847 in Hubbardston to
DAVIS Abel, 53, widower, farmer, residence: Templeton, son of Eleazer and Sarah

CLARK Roena, 22, 1st marriage, born: Colrain, daughter of Eleazar and Zilpha STRATTON (sic)
Married 6 Dec 1850 in Colrain to
STRATTON Leonard W., 25, 1st marriage, blacksmith, born: Colrain, son of Lewis and Lucretia CLARK (sic)

CLARK Samuel 2nd, laborer, residence: North Bridgewater
Married 10 Aug 1843 in North Bridgewater to
REYNOLDS Mary A., residence: North Bridgewater

CLARK Thacher, 61, 3rd marriage, born: Brewster, son of Enoch and Lydia
Married 27 Sep 1848 in Brewster to
SEARS Betsey, 52, 1st marriage, born: Brewster, daughter of Joseph and Heziah

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