Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850


From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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Married 5 Oct 1844 in Roxbury to

BROWN Abby G., 21, born: North Providence, residence: Pawtucket, daughter of James ?. and Sarah
Married 1850 in Pawtucket (today in Rhode Island) to
KING Thomas K., 27, attorney at law, residence: North Providence

BROWN Abby K., daughter of John
Married 5 Oct 1843 in Gloucester 1st parish to
WILLIAMS William, att'y at law, residence: Gloucester

BROWN Abigaiel E., residence: Gloucester, daughter of David
Married 21 Jun 1845 in Gloucester to
ADAMS William 2nd, laborer, residence: Gloucester, son of Nehemiah

BROWN Abraham, 20, laborer, residence: Holden, son of Francis
Married 22 Nov 1847 in Holden to
FLAGG Betsey, 15, residence: Holden, daughter of W. N.

BROWN Albert C., 25, shoemaker, residence: Hamilton, son of Belcher and Abigael
Married 16 May 1848 in Wenham to
HAWKINS Mary Ann, 22, residence: Hamilton, daughter of Stephen and Olive

BROWN Albert W., 25, cordwainer, residence: Seabrook NH, son of Benjamin and Jane
Married 18 Nov 1846 in Amesbury to
BARTLETT Comfert P., 20, residence: Salisbury, daughter of Perly and Hannah

BROWN Amos, 25, yeoman, residence: Holliston, son of ?icaor Pierce (difficult to read)
Married 29 May 1844 in Milford to
CLAUGHLIN Mary Ann, 21, residence: Holliston, daughter of Malachi

BROWN Amos Jr., 28, residence: Salisbury, son of Moses and Fanny
Married 25 Jul 1847 in Salisbury to
BOYD Rachel Jane, residence: Salisbury

BROWN Augustus W., 23, laborer, residence: Littleton, son of H.?.rod and Sally
Married 11 Apr 1848 in Littleton to
BLODGET Lovey, 20, residence: Littleton, daughter of Joshua and Lydia

BROWN Benjamin, 53, widower, farmer, residence: Fitchburg, son of Pearson and Betsey
Married 2 Sep 1845 in Fitchburg to
DAMON Betsey, 54, widow, residence: Fitchburg, daughter of Kendall and Betsey BOUTELLE

BROWN Benjamin, 21, operative, residence: Southbridge, son of George
Married 9 Apr 1849 in Southbridge to
WINTER Diantha P., 19, residence: Shutesbury, daughter of Benjamin

BROWN Caleb D., 27, shoemaking, residence: Reading, son of John and Hannah
Married 22 Apr 1847 in Reading to
PERKINS Nancy M., 27, residence: Reading, daughter of Warren and Lucinda

BROWN Caleb M., 23, farmer, residence: Elbridge NY, son of L.?.i M.
Married ? Apr 1849 in Williamstown to
COLE Lucinda E., 21, born: Adams, residence: Williamstown, daughter of Leonard ?. and Marian
Handwriting difficult to read

BROWN Catharine, 17, born: Halifax NS, daughter of Charles
Married 13 Jul 1850 in Boston to
HODGEN John V., 25, musician, born: N. Hampshire, son of Caleb

BROWN Edgar M., farmer, residence: Williamstown, son of Caleb and Sophia
Married 4 Jun 1844 in Williamstown to
THOMAS Mary, 19, residence: Williamstown, daughter of W'm

BROWN Eliza, 26, residence: Nantucket, daughter of George and Lydia
Married 12 Sep 1844 in Nantucket to
MUHLIG William, 28, mariner, residence: Nantucket, son of Philip and Mary

BROWN Isaac, 28, potter, born: East Canada, son of Nathan and Clarissa
Married 3 Jan 1850 in Templeton to
BROOKS Mary Ann, 19, born: Templeton MA, daughter of John and Sarah

BROWN Jacob R., 30, mariner, born: Nova Scotia, son of James
Married 4 Mar 1850 in Boston to
BROTHERS Eliza, 21, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Jesse

BROWN John, 2nd marriage, 43, seaman, born: Nova Scotia, son of John
Married 19 Oct 1850 in Boston to
GREEN Isabella, 2nd marriage, 33, born: Nova Scotia

BROWN John, 22, blacksmith, born: Nova Scotia, son of Enoch
Married 1 Dec 1849 in Boston to
WHITTEY Margaret, 21, born: Ireland, daughter of Nicholas

BROWN Jonathan G., 29, lumber dealer, born: Tewksbury, son of Abial and Nancy
Married 21 Mar 1850 in Andover to
WILLSON Rachel, 22, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Edward and Maria O.

BROWN Joshua T., 22, farmer, born: Moultonboro N.H., residence: Sunderland, son of John
Married 20 Nov 1850 in Sunderland to
SMITH Mary O., 24, place of birth and residence: Sunderland, daughter of Gaius

BROWN Josiah, widower, teamster, residence: Charlestown, son of Joseph and Sarah
Married 16 Apr 1846 in Charlestown to
RICHARDSON Sarah, maiden, residence: Charlestown

BROWN Lorenzo, 23, sail maker, residence: Portsmouth NH
Married 28 Oct 1846 in Charlestown to
ROBINSON Sarah Abby, 18, residence: Portsmouth

BROWN Lucy Ann, residence: Marblehead, "adopted daughter of Lucretia BROWN"
Married 2 Nov 1845 in Marblehead to
FOUNTAIN James W., 24, barber, residence: Marblehead, son of James and Eve

BROWN Mary, 2nd marriage, 34, born: Cuba
Married 23 Jul 1850 in Boston to
MAXWELL Cornelius C., 2nd marriage, 38, barber, born: France, son of Robert

BROWN Mary Ann, 18, residence: China ME, daughter of William
Married 11 Sep 1845 in New Bedford to
TALBOT Hiram, 27, mariner, residence: New Bedford, son of Ezekiel and Eliza

BROWN Mary E., 20, born: Hinsdale N.H., residence: Hadley, daughter of Luther
Married 17 Oct 1850 in Hadley to
HITCHCOCK Levi, 20, tool maker, born: Cummington, residence: Williamsburg, son of Wareham

BROWN Olive, residence: Chelmsford
Married 28 Nov 1843 in Chelmsford to
PROVENCHA George, residence: Chelmsford
The town clerk mistakenly wrote 1844

BROWN Ruanna C., 19, born: Wilmot NH, daughter of Josiah and Sarah
Married 20 Jun 1850 in Dracut to
CRAGGY Thomas, 22, operator, born: Canada, son of James and Elizabeth

BROWN Susan B., 29, widowed, tailoress, residence: Fitchburg, daughter of HALE Stephen and Susan
Married 5 Mar 1845 in Fitchburg to
WILSON Arnold, 38, widowed. carpenter, residence: Fitchburg, son of Reuben and Joan

BROWN Thomas, 38, mariner, born: France, son of Thomas
Married 9 Nov 1850 in Boston to
ASHBELL Catharine, 24, born: St. John NB, daughter of Alexander

BROWN Thomas, 24, Laborer, born: Russeltown LC, son of John and Mary
Married 13 Apr 1849 in Chicopee, Hampden county to
REYNOLDS Rosanna, 23, born: Plattsburg NY, daughter of Lilas and Louisa
LC = Lower Canada, former name of Quebec

BROWN Walter, 27, tradesman, born: Tewksbury, son of Abial and Nancy
Married 20 Oct 1850 in Andover to
WILLSON Caroline, 20, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Edward and Maria O.

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