Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850


From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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BLANCHARD Abner, 29, butcher, residence: South R.?., son of Abner and Hannet
Married 5 May 1849 in Saugus to
GOULD Hannah, 20, residence: South R.?., daughter of William and Sally
Place of residence at time of marriage is difficult to read

BLANCHARD Adeline, 25, residence: Petersham, daughter of Abiather and Lydia
Married 22 Jun 1847 in Petersham to
GALLAND Geo. B., 22, yeoman, residence: Petersham, son of Jeremiah and Darcus

BLANCHARD Almira, residence: Charlestown, daughter of "Delia Blanchard now Mrs. Prescott"
Married 14 Nov 1843 in Charlestown to
HAYDEN Joseph Jr., mason, residence: Charlestown

BLANCHARD Almira, 38, daughter of Ebenezer and Sally
Married 12 Apr 1846 in Weymouth to
TIRRELL Wilson, widower, 38, manufacturer, son of James and Hannah

BLANCHARD Alvan, residence: Hingham
Married 26 Nov 1826 in Hingham to
...?... J...?..., residence: Hingham
Torn page

BLANCHARD Amelia S., residence: Medford
Married 3 Nov 1846 in Medford to
BRID George H. W., merchant, residence: Boston

BLANCHARD Betsey, 22, residence: Lowell
Married 6 Oct 1842 in Lowell
FARR Alpha B., residence: Lowell

BLANCHARD Betsy L., 22, residence: Weymouth, daughter of William and Betsy
Married 17 Dec 1847 in Weymouth to
ANDREWS George, 25, leather dresser, residence: Charlestown, son of Samuel and Pricilla

BLANCHARD Cecilia, residence: Springfield
Married 22 May 1849 in Springfield to
REMINGTON Norman A., widow, residence: Suffield, Conn.

BLANCHARD Charles, residence of the groom: Worcester
Married 8 Sept 1842 in Worcester
JOHNSON Lydia, residence of the bride: Worcester

BLANCHARD Charles H., 24, merchant, residence: Boston, son of Jedediay and Sarah
Married 20 Oct 1850 in Roxbury to
STEPHENSON Mary E., 19, residence: Roxbury, daughter of Benj. and Mary

BLANCHARD Charles K., 29, son of Reuben K. and Mary G.
Married 30 May 1844 in Charlestown to
REYNOLDS Sarah C., 26, teacher, daughter of Hannah, widow

BLANCHARD Cinthia H., widow, residence: Weymouth
Married 6 Oct 1844 in Weymouth to
LINCOLN Henry, widower, shoemaker, residence: Weymouth

BLANCHARD Cyrus, 46, labourer, residence: Weymouth, son of Adam and Rebecca
Married 3 Jun 1847 in Abington to
SMITH Betsey W., widow, 41, residence: Weymouth, daughter of WHEAT Joseph and Mary

BLANCHARD Daniel G., residence of the groom: East Bridgewater
Married 12 Dec 1844 in Hanover
STETSON Lois, residence of the bride: Scituate

BLANCHARD David Jr., 22, shoe manufacturer, residence: Randolph, son of David and Sally S.
Married 7 Jul 1844 in Randolph to
GAY Louisa B., 21, housewifery; residence: Randolph, daughter of Martin and Martha

BLANCHARD Elisha K., 31, farmer, residence: Whitingham VT, son of Jedediah and Candace
Married 15 Apr 1849 in Savoy to
BLISS Cordelia D., 25, daughter of Warren and Anna

BLANCHARD Eliza, 22, teacher of youth, residence: Weymouth, daughter of Nathan and Lucy
Married 19 Nov 1846 in Weymouth to
FULLERTON Joseph E., 24, cordwainer, residence: Weymouth, son of William and Rebecca

BLANCHARD Eliza, 23, daughter of Joseph and Nancy
Married 31 Dec 1848 in Millbury to
WHEELER Moses W., 22, spinner, residence: Millbury, son of Simeon and Hannah

BLANCHARD Eliza A., 17, residence: North Bridgewater (now Brockton), daughter of Francis and Louisa
Married 14 Oct 1844 in North Bridgewater (now Brockton) to
NEWTON Elias M., 23, shoemaker, residence: Leicester, son of Emery and Mary

Married 26 Feb 1843 in Weymouth to

BLANCHARD Elmira F., residence: Stoughton, daughter of Isaac and Elmira
Married 02 Sep 1849 in Stoughton to
WILLIS John, 27, trader, residence: Stoughton, son of Peter W. and Celeste

BLANCHARD Elvira, residence: East Bridgewater
Married 24 Dec 1846 in Abington to
GURNEY Samuel, shoemaker, residence: Abington

BLANCHARD Elvira S., 24, dressmaker, daughter of Emery C.
Married 11 Sep 1844 in Lowell to
PAGE Joseph K., 25, housewright, residence: Lowell, son of Edward

BLANCHARD Frederick, 23, weaver, born: Stockbridge VT, son of Joel W. and Mehitable
Married 16 Apr 1850 in Lawrence, Essex county to
SYLVESTER Margaret J., 26, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of John T. and Sarah

BLANCHARD George, widower, bootmaker, residence: Quincy
Married 14 Jan 1844 in Quincy to
HOBART Jane, widow, residence: Quincy

BLANCHARD George G., 29, residence: Boston
Married 26 Jan 1850 in Boston to
BELDING Mary, 26, residence: Boston

BLANCHARD H. C., 23, boot maker, residence: Worcester, William and Susan
Married 19 Oct 1847 in Worcester to
EMERY Sarah Jane, 22, tailoress, residence: Worcester, daughter of John and Sarah

BLANCHARD Hannah P., 26, residence: Weymouth, daughter of Reuben and Sophia
Married 11 Sep 1844 in Abington to
WILLETT Gilbert F., 24, shoemaker, residence: Weymouth, son of Joshua and Catherine

BLANCHARD Harriet L., residence: Charlestown
Married 9 Dec 1847 in Malden to
CUTTER Samuel N., 24, residence: Charlestown

BLANCHARD Harrison, silver plater, residence: Belchertown, son of Parla of Brookfie...
Married 23 Jun 1843 in Enfield (registed in Belchertown) to
WYATT Hannah S., residence: Greenwich

BLANCHARD Harrison, silver plater, residence: Belchertown
Registered 21 May 1843 in Greenwich to
WYATT Hannah, residence: Greenwich, daughter of Stephen and Susan
Torn page.

BLANCHARD Haskett D., 24, shoemaker, residence: Weymouth, son of Marcus and Hannah D.
Married 18 Feb 1846 in Weymouth to
DUNN Abigail, 18, daughter of George and Abigail

BLANCHARD Hiram, 2nd marriage, 44, farmer, born: Leominster, son of Aaron and Olive
Married 25 Sep 1850 in Leominster to
FARR Lucy P., 2nd marriage, 54, residence: Leominster, daughter of PUFFER Jacob and Hannah

BLANCHARD Horace, widower, 39, farmer, residence: Needham, son of Stephen and Lina
Married 24 Dec 1846 in Needham to
GARDINER Helen Augusta, 37, residence: Needham, daughter of Joseph Ann

BLANCHARD Horatio Wm., 26, shoemaker, residence: Plympton, son of Jonatha and Sara
Married 13 Apr 1848 in East Bridgewater to
HASLOW Maria Elizabeth, 22, residence: Plymouth, daughter of Jabey and Betsey

BLANCHARD Ira, 21, shoemaker, residence: Abington, son of Daniel
Married 31 Oct 1844 in Abington to
PRATT Elisabeth S., 18, residence: Abington, daughter of James

BLANCHARD Isaac, widower, 35, boot maker, son of Isaac G. and Emma
Married 9 May 1846 in Stoughton to
ALDEN Ann A., 19, daughter of Seth and Betsey

BLANCHARD James J., widower, 30, shoemaker, residence: Weymouth, son of Davod and Sally
Married 19 October 1845 in Weymouth to
PERKINS Mary Ann, 19, residence: Weymouth, daughter of William and Nancy

BLANCHARD Jeanette, residence of the bride: Medford
Married 29 Oct 1843 in Medford to
HOOD Asa, hatter, residence of the groom: Charlestown

BLANCHARD Joab, residence of the groom: Petersham
Married 24 Jan 1847 in Salem to
ORSMENT Lucinda, residence the bride: Salem

BLANCHARD John, residence of the groom: Harvard
Married 15 Apr 1845 in Marblehead to
KENNEDY Elizabeth, residence the bride: Boston

BLANCHARD John C., farmer, residence of the groom: New Braintree
Married 28 Nov 1844 in New Braitree to
MAY Nuome, residence the bride: New Braintree

BLANCHARD John G., widower, 20, manufacturer, residence: Conway, son of Rensdear and Mary
Married 30 Sep 1845 in East Hampton to
HENDRICK Rachel J., residence: East Hampton, daughter of Stephen and Nancy

BLANCHARD John W., residence: Roxbury
Married 14 Nov 1844 in Roxbury to
BARBOUR Louisa F., residence: Roxbury

BLANCHARD Jonathan G., 24, bookmaker, residence: Stoughton, son of Horatio and Eunice
Married 27 Jul 1845 in Stoughton to
LITTLEFIELD Abby G., 21, residence: Stoughton, daughter of Charles and Ann

BLANCHARD Joshua, 35, machinist, residence: Andover, son of Joshua and Mary
Married 7 May 1845 in Andover to
HUNTER Thankful, 30, residence: Andover, daughter of Solomon

BLANCHARD Josiah, 28, boot maker, residence: Stoughton, son of Henry and Lydia
Married 22 Jul 1849 in Stoughton to
HOLLIS Vesta, 29, residence: Stoughton, daughter of Enoch

BLANCHARD Juliet G., residence of the bride: Charlestown
Married 10 Apr 1845 in Charlestown to
ROBINS Francis, residence of the groom: Charlestown

BLANCHARD Laura, 22, residence of the bride: Savoy
Married 19 Apr 1846 in Savoy to
TOWER Calvin, 27, residence of the groom: Savoy

BLANCHARD Lavina, 31, residence: Fitchburg, daughter of Isaac and Hannah
Married 1 Dec 1846 in Fitchburg to
NEWTON William D., 29, manufacturer, residence: Fitchburg, son of Martin and Sukey

BLANCHARD Levi M., 22, carpenter, residence: Leominster, son of Levi and Hannah
Married 22 Apr 1845 in Fitchburg to
NUTTING Eliza, 25, residence: Lowell, daughter of Ezechiel and Betsey

BLANCHARD Louisa I., 20, residence: Fall River, daughter of Isaac and Louisa
Married 26 Apr 1845 in Fall River to
STILLWELL Nathaniel, 22, trader, residence: Fall River, son of Nathaniel and Betsey

BLANCHARD Lucine, widow, 26, residence: New Bedford
Married 6 Oct 1845 in New Bedford to
CUSHMAN Benjamin D., 32, carpenter, residence: New Bedford

BLANCHARD Lucy B., residence of the bride: Boston
Married 27 June 1849 in Boston to
JOHNSON James C., residence of the groom: Boston

BLANCHARD Luther Jr., 26, farmer, residence: Milford NH, son of Luther and Mary
Married 30 Apr 1845 in Fitchburg to
McINTIRE Hannah, 19, residence: Fitchburg, daughter of Jesse and Hannah

BLANCHARD Lydia H., 18, residence: Andover, daughter of Abel and Elizabeth
Married 24 Dec 1846 in Andover to
ABBOT Amos 2d, 23, yeoman, residence: Andover, son of Job and Mary

BLANCHARD Margaret W., residence: Charlestown
Married 16 Feb 1843 in Charlestown to
PRATT Edward, residence: Charlestown

BLANCHARD Mark M., widower, 29, residence: Braintree, son of Samuel and Rebecca
Married 28 Jul 1844 in Weymouth to
PHILIPS Hariet N., 2?, residence: Weymouth, daughter of Isaac and Rhoda

BLANCHARD Marshall L., residence: Wellfleet
Married 10 Feb 1848 in Wellfleet to
BUNTING Phebe H., residence: Wellfleet

BLANCHARD Martha, 24, daughter of Benjamin and Martha
Married 13 Feb 1848 in Charlestown to
GARDNER Aaron B., 45, painter, son of Aaron and Hannah

BLANCHARD Mary A., 23, residence: Winchendon, daughter of Stephen and Rebecca
Married 25 Nov 1846 in Winchendon to
COLBURN John, 32, caprenter, residence: Leominster, son of Joseph

BLANCHARD Mary Ann, residence: Boxborough, daughter of Simon and Mary
Married 20 Nov 1844 in Boxborough to
SAWIN James F., 33, farmer, residence: Natick

BLANCHARD Mary Ann, 24, residence: Harvard, daughter of John and Abigail
Married 25 Aug 1847 in Lancaster to
WILLARD Jerome H., 28, carpenter, son of Benj. and Abigail

BLANCHARD Mary Anna, 22, milliner, residence: Weymouth, daughter of Capt. Alexander
Married 11 Dec 1845 in Weymouth to
CUSHING Thomas, 26, boot manufacturer, residence: Weymouth, son of Robert and Lucy

BLANCHARD Mary E., residence: Quincy, daughter of George
Married 22 Oct 1843 in Quincy to
GREEN William H., residence: Quincy, son of Eben'r

BLANCHARD Mary Jane, residence: Wilmington
Married 6 Sep 1843 in Woburn to
CARTER Charles H., butcher, residence: Woburn

BLANCHARD Mary K., 17, residence: Palmer, daughter of Alonzo and Eloisa
Married 25 Oct 1847 in Palmer to
CHAPMAN Albert P., 21, merchant, residence: Palmer, son of Moses and Poly

BLANCHARD Mary P., 24, residence: Weymouth, daughter of Reuben and Alphia
Married 28 Jan 1848 in Weymouth to
HOWE Joseph B., 26, baker, residence: Weymouth, son of Isaac S. and Rebecca B.

BLANCHARD Mary W., residence: Medford
Married 24 Apr 1845 in Medford to
HARLOW Pelham, hatter, residence: Boston

BLANCHARD Matilda, 19, daughter of Ira and Eliza
Married 29 Apr 1846 in Ashland to
TRUSSEL Albert G., 28, bootmaker, residence: Ashland, son of Benjamin and Sarah

BLANCHARD Merrick, 24, trader, residence: Boston, son of Abiather and Lydia
Married 29 Feb 1848 in Petersham to
HAMMOND Lucy A., 20, residence: Petersham, daughter of Charles and Mary A.

Married 15 Jul 1842 in Weymouth to
HUNT Susan R.

BLANCHARD Obed, widower, 33, mechanic, residence: Monson, son of Jonathan
Married 24 Jul 1845 in Wilbraham to
POTTER Abigail, 33, residence: Wilbraham, daughter of Philip

BLANCHARD Olive, 25, residence: Milford NH, daughter of Luther and Mary
Married 26 Nov 1846 in Chelmsford to
BALES Samuel B., 27, blacksmith, residence: Wilton NH, son of John and Milly

BLANCHARD Phebe T., residence: Lowell
Married 8 Apr 1849 in Lowell to
DREW Charles T., residence: Lawrence

BLANCHARD Reed, widower, 36, shoemaker, residence: Weymouth, son of Bela and Ruth
Married 17 Aug 1845 in Weymouth to
COFRAN Mary E., 24, residence: Weymouth, daughter of Jacob and Cynthia

BLANCHARD Rhoda, 34, residence: Lowell, daughter of Cyrus and Chloe
Married 10 Feb 1847 in Dracut to
HUSE Jesse, widower, 44, laborer, residence: Lowell, son of Enoch and Sally

BLANCHARD Roswell C., residence: Brattleboro VT
Married 5 Jul 1843 in Westborough to
NEWTON Lydia A., residence: Newfane VT

BLANCHARD Russell, 25, lawyer, residence: Morgan OH
Married 4 Oct 1848 in Lowell to
WRIGHT Leona M., 20, operative, residence: Lowell

BLANCHARD Sally, residence: Weymouth
Married 4 May 1842 in Weymouth to
WHITE Oran, residence: Weymouth

BLANCHARD Sarah, residence: Marblehead
Married 20 Jun 1842 in Marblehead to
FARMER James L., residence: Portland

BLANCHARD Sarah, 21, residence: Weymouth, daughter of Cyrus
Married 12 Jan 1845 in Weymouth to
THOMAS Col. John W., 29, manufacturer of boots & shoes, residence: Weymouth, son of Capt. Andrew

BLANCHARD Sarah L., 23, residence: Weymouth, daughter of David
Married 28 Nov 1844 in Weymouth to
CUSHMAN Charles D., merchant, residence: New Bedford, son of Joacheus

BLANCHARD Susan E., 19, daughter of William and Susan
Married 21 Mar 1849 in Charlton to
MARBLE Jerome, 24, merchant, residence: Charlton, son of John P. and Ruth Ann

BLANCHARD Susan S., 20, residence: Lexington, daughter of James and Rhoda
Married 1 Sep 1844 in Medford to
RICHARDSON Amos H., 21, baker, residence: Roxbury, son of Joseph and Elizabeth

BLANCHARD Sylvanus, "about 25", cordwainer, residence: Saugus
Married 23 Mar 1844 in Saugus to
TOWNER Mary A., 18, residence: Saugus, daughter of W. R.

BLANCHARD Theodore, 20, leather cutter, residence: Weymouth, son of Edward and Lucy
Married 10 Nov 1847 in Weymouth to
DUNBAR Mary A., 21, residence: Weymouth, daughter of Obed and Sophia

BLANCHARD Thomas S., residence: Manchester
Married 5 Aug 1849 in Ipswich to
GIBSON Amelia S., residence: Manchester

BLANCHARD W'm D., 24, machinist, residence: Lowell, son of Benja. and Sarah
Married 19 Aug 1847 in Lowell (registered in Dracut)
RICE Henretta W., 24, residence: Dracut, daughter of Sam'l and Mary

BLANCHARD William F., 25, mechanic, residence: Randolph, son of Samuel and Rebecca
Married 7 May 1846 in Randolph to
LINCOLN Mary, 35, residence: Randolph, daughter of CAIN Jona and Mary

BLANCHARD William H., residence: Lynn
Married 9 Sep 1845 in Lynn to
HOLLAND Mary Jane, residence: Lynn

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