Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850

Surnames P

From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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PACKARD Melvina F., 21, residence: N. Bridgewater, daughter of Arza and Abi
Married 9 Jun 1844 in North Bridgewater to
JACKSON Oliver, 26, farmer, residence: N. Bridgewater, son of Oliver and Olive

PACKARD Sarah E., 21, residence: Lynn, daughter of Benjamin
Married 9 Dec 1847 in Lynn to
TAYLOR Charles H., 20, cordwainer, residence: Lynn, son of Edward and Hannah

PACKMAN Emeline, 31, residence: Enfield, daughter of Eli.?. and Auvelin
Married 7 Dec 1846 in Amherst to
JONES Dexter, 32, mechanic, residence: Northampton, son of Abner and Huldah

PAGE Joseph Jr., 26, carpenter, born: Canada, son of Joseph
Married 11 Jul 1850 in Springfield to
MATHER Maria, 20, born: Whately, daughter of George

PAGE Joseph K., 25, housewright, residence: Lowell, son of Edward
Married 11 Sep 1844 in Lowell to
BLANCHARD Elvira S., 24, dressmaker, daughter of Emery C.

PAINE Sarah J., 23, residence: Dighton, daughter of Leonard
Married 17 Nov 1844 in Dighton to
TALBOT Allen, 22, teacher, residence: Dighton, son of Benj. A.

Married 1 Sep 1846 in Springfield to

PALMER Lucy P., 18, residence: Scituate, daughter of Martin and Rachel
Married 19 Dec 1844 in Scituate to
COLEMAN William, 24, house wright, residence: Scituate, son of Elisha and Polly

PARAGO Joseph, 24, currier, born: Canada, son of John and Frances
Married 6 Jul 1850 in Worcester to
SNOW Elizabeth, 18, born: Canada, daughter of Louis and Phillis

PARANT Joseph A., 26, physician, residence: Lawrence, son of Joseph and Antionette
Married 15 Aug 1848 in Lawrence to
O'CONNELL Mary A. J., 26, residence: Lawrence, daughter of Edmund and M.

PARKER Hannah C., 23, residence: New Bedford, daughter of Ward M. and Hepsabah
Married 7 May 1848 in New Bedford to
BEAUVAIS J. Arthur, 22, mariner, residence: New Bedford, son of Andrew and Patience

PARKER James C., 23, carpenter, born: Canada, son of Dexter and Hannah
Married 29 Nov 1849 in Phillipston to
WESSON Cynthia M., 19, born: Phillipston, daughter of Asa and Sally

PARKER Joseph, 35, clothier, born: Yorkshire, Eng., residence: Whately, son of John
Married 3 Sep 1850 in Williamsburg to
MILLER Harriet N., 30, born: Muddedury N.Y., residence: Williamsburg, daughter of Alanson

PARKER Nancy J., 23, place of birth and residence: Chelmsford, daughter of Arthur and Sybil
Married 1 Jan 1850 in Lowell to
ABBOTT Rufus K., 27, machinist, born: Kingfield Me, residence: Lawrence, son of Hall and Ann

PARKHURST Sarah, 23, born: Chelmford, daughter of Rev. John and Celia
Married 18 Jan 1849 in Chelmford, Middlesex county to
HALLETT John A., 24, carpenter, born: New Brunswick, son of John and Gertrude

PARMIJEAU Julia, 22, born: Paris, France
Married 30 Sep 1848 in Lee, Berkshire county to
HEISS William, 20, dyer, born: Germany, son of Anthony and Cecilia

PARNEY Abraham, 23, farmer, residence: Amesbury
Married 13 Aug 1850 in Amesbury to
COLLINS Abigail G., 21, residence: Salisbury, daughter of Enoch and Hannah

PARRADEE John, 24, whellright, residence: Weston, son of Peter and Mary
Married 15 Sep 1847 in Weston to
CUTTING Susan Ann, 17, residence: Weston, daughter of John W. and Cyndia

PARRY Anthony, 22, laborer, born: Canada, son of Anthony
Married 2 Oct 1850 in Middlefield to
BROOKMAN Sarah A., 18, born: England, daughter of James

PARSONS Elisabeth B., 21, place of birth and residence: Amherst, daughter of David and Elisabeth
Married 22 Nov 1848 in Amherst to
MOORE Charles, 35, trader, residence: Ware, son of Caleb and Achsa

PARSONS Phoebe, 44, 1st marriage, residence and place of birht: Northampton
Married 30 Jan 1850 in Northampton to
ABBEY George, 49, 2nd marriage, wheelright, born Amherst, residence: Betchertown, son of Mason

PARSONS William, 32, printer, born: Dedham, son of Leonard
Married 12 Nov 1850 in Roxbury to
WOODFORTH Ann Maria, 20, born: Pleasant Valley NS, daughter of E. F.

PARTRIDGE Emily, 21, born: Washington, residence: Washington, daughter of Harvey
Married 3 Apr 1849 in Washington to
WARD John L., 23, farmer, born: Washington, residence: Washington, son of James and Elizabeth

PATCH Lucy N., 32, born: Hamilton, daughter of Isaac
Married 12 Nov 1850 in Hamilton to
WOODMAN James E., 33, carpenter, born: Hillsburgh, Nova Scotia, son of Robert

PATMOND Damus, 24, blacksmith, born: Canada, son of Joseph and Delia
Married 7 Sep 1850 in Worcester to
COLLINS Delia, 2nd marriage, 22, born: Canada, daughter of WARD Joseph and Amelia

PEAKES Charles H., 24, mariner, born: Tisbury, son of James and Sophronia
Married 15 Sep 1849 in Tisbury to
CLEVELAND Abigail L., 22, born: Tisbury, daughter of Warren and Lucretia

PEARSONS Sarah A., 19, born: Haverhill N.H., daughter of Edmund and Mary
Married 7 Feb 1849 in North Bridgewater to
JONES Alfred W., 19, mechanic, born: Foxboro, son of Francis C. and Maria

PEASE Sylvester, 36, mechanic, born: Canada, son of Samuel and Eunice B.
Married 2 Nov 1842 in Chicopee to
WATERMAN Jane, 26, born: Barton Vt, daughter of Jonathan and Sarah

PEASLY Helen A., 17, residence: Bolton, Canada, daughter fo Moses and Mary
Married 21 Apr 1849 in Dracut to
HAMBLET Daniel V., 24, wheelwright, residence: Dracut, son fo Theodore and Ednah

PECK Ellen U., 21, born: Lynn, residence: Lynn, daughter of Nathaniel
Married 29 Jul 1850 in Lynn to
KAIN James, 34, book keeper, born: Monmouth Co. NJ, residence: Mobile, Ala., son of James

PECOT Sofi, 17, born: Canada, daughter of Joseph and Jennette
Married 17 Oct 1850 in North Brookfield to
BACHANT Adoffe, 19, shoe maker, born: Canada, son of Louis and Latis(?)

PEIRCE Julia A., 21, born: Canada E., daughter of Wil?er
Married 13 Dec 1850 in Stanstead, Canada East, registered in Boston MA to
GOODWIN George L., 23, book keeper, born: Charlestown, son of Samuel

PELKY Mary, 24, born: Canada, daughter of Joseph and Angeline
Married 14 Mar 1850 in Worcester to
RICE Nelson, 21, shoemaker, born: Canada, son of Mennuel and Chilina

PELLETIER Martha Ann, 22, teacher, residence: Lowell, daughter of James and Ann
Married 13 May 1846 in Lowell to
KILLEN Arthur, 27, dry goods dealear, residence: Lowell, son of Neil and Cecilia

PELLETIER Robert, 25, shoe maker, born: Montreal, son of Peter
Married 13 Sep 1850 in Boston
SHEA Mary, 21, born: Ireland, daughter of William

PELTIER Joseph, 23, carpenter, born: Canada, son of Joseph
Married 24 Mar 1850 in Boston
LEMIRE Julia, 18, born: New York, daughter of Lewis


` PENDERGRASS Catherine, 23, residence: Randolph
Married 6 Jun 1847 in Stoughton to
DURANT Peter, 20, residence: Boston

PENHALLOW Benjamin H., 33, printer, born: Portsmouth NH, son of Benj'n and Susan
Married 21 Apr 1850 in Lowell
SHEPARD Hepsibah, 24, born: Stantead LC, daughter of John and Nancy
LC: Lower Canada, former name of Quebec

PENNINGTON John, residence: Lowell
Married 8 Feb 1849 in Lowell to
CHAPELLE Rosalie, residence: Lowell

PEPSON Francis, 25, millwright, born: Goshen, residence: Caanan N.H., son of Joseph
Married 13 Aug 1850 in Hadley to
SMITH Caroline M., 22, born: Hadley, residence: Hadley, daughter of Caleb

PERAULT Alfred, 21, laborer, residence: Watertown, son of Thomas and Elizabeth
Married 11 Apr 1847 in Needham to
BARETTE Adeline H., residence: Watertown, daughter of Jess

PERIGNY Joachim P. D., 28, baker, born: Canada, son of Joseph
Married 24 Mar 1850 in Boston
WARNER Christiann R., 21, born: New York, daughter of Joseph

Married 19 Jun 1842 in Fall River to
LASSELL Benjamin F.

PERKINS Mary Ann, 19, residence: Weymouth, daughter of William and Nancy
Married 19 October 1845 in Weymouth to
BLANCHARD James J., widower, 30, shoemaker, residence: Weymouth, son of Davod and Sally

PERKINS Nancy M., 27, residence: Reading, daughter of Warren and Lucinda
Married 22 Apr 1847 in Reading to
BROWN Caleb D., 27, shoemaking, residence: Reading, son of John and Hannah

Married 24 June 1846 in Springfield to
ABBEE Eliza M.

PERO John B., 29, laborer, residence: Webster, son of Jno and Margaret
Married 28 Dec 1848 in Webster to
DEPAUX Julia, 21, residence: Webster, daughter of Francis and May or Mary

PERRY Abraham, 27, born: Canada, son of Charles
Married 9 Oct 1849 Boston to
FARMER Charlotte R., 21, born: Canada

PERRY Catharine see ROBERTS Catharine

PERRY Eli, 21, farmer, born: Canada, son of Baptiste and Margaret
Married 17 Sep 1850 in Worcester to
DUPLISSE Mary Ann, 16, born: Canada, daughter of Francis and Matilda

PERRY Eliza, 17, born: Canada, daughter of John
Married 28 Apr 1850 in Boston to
GAGE Charles C., 22, painter, born: Maine, son of Isaac

PERRY Izamra L., 20, seamstress, residence: Hopkinton, daughter of Timothy
Married 7 Apr 1847 in Holliston to
MILLER Albert N., 25, farmer, residence: Holliston, son of Warren and Jerusha C.
Also Registered in Hopkinton

PERRY James T., 25, mariner, born: Nova Scotia, son of Thomas and Mary
Married 13 Nov 1850 in Newburyport to
GREASON Mary Ann, 19, born: England, daughter of Robert and Mary Ann

PERRY John, 32, mariner, born: Nova Scotia, son of John
Married 12 Aug 1850 in Boston to
BACON Margaret, 26, born: Baltimore

PETERSON John, 24, laborer, born: New York, son of John and Mary
Married 17 Jul 1850 in Chelsea to
McLANE Margaret, 17, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Archibald

Married 12 Jun 1843 in Wrentham to

PETTINGILL Frances E., 20, born: Canada, daughter of W'm and Sally
Married 12 May 1850 in Dedham to
WINFIELD Joseph S., 24, laborer, born: Canada, son of John and Mary

PETURE Eliza, 27, born: Halifax NS
Married 15 Oct 1849 in Boston to
HODGEN Hiram, 34, stevedore, born: Maine, son of Hiram

PHELAN Matthew, 24, shoe maker, born: Halifax NS, son of Lawrence
Married 3 Feb 1850 in Boston to
McCARTHY Ann, 21, born: Halifax NS

PHILIPS Hariet N., 2?, residence: Weymouth, daughter of Isaac and Rhoda
Married 28 Jul 1844 in Weymouth to
BLANCHARD Mark M., widower, 29, residence: Braintree, son of Samuel and Rebecca

PHILLIPS Ephriam P., 19, nailer, son of William
Married 8 Jun 1850 in Hingham, Plymouth County to
CUMMINGS Margaret E., 18, born: Halifax, Nova Scotia, daughter of William

PHILLIPS John J., 26, born: Lynn, son of Richard
Married 8 Nov 1849 in Lynn to
FORSYTH Mary, 25, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Alexander

PHILLIPS Simeon Jr., widower, 21, clockmaker, residence: Conway, son of Simeon
Married 27 Apr 1846 in Hawley to
CARRIER Loisa, 26, residence: Hawley, daughter of Elias and Betsey

PHINNEY Mary, 24, residence: Plympton, daughter of Ezra and Nancy
Married 14 Dec 1848 in Plymouth to
TAYLOR Charles K., 28, wollen worker, residence: Plympton, son of William and Sarah

PHINNEY Warren, widower, 26, mariner, residence: Nantucket
Married 3 Jun 1844 in Nantucket to
SMITH Henrietta, single, 23, residence: Nantucket, daughter of Joseph

PICKARD Charles, 21, shoe maker, residence: Rowley, son of David and Hannah
Married 18 Mar 1847 in Rowley to
CLARK Elizabeth, 17, residence: Rowley

PICKARD Rev. Humphrey, residence: Sackville NB
Married 5 Sep 1846 in Milton
CARR Mary Rowe, residence: Milton

PICKARD Mary E., 23, residence: Rowley, daughter of James and Sarah
Married 19 Jul 1849 in Rowley to
WORTHLEY Alfred G., 27, mariner, born: Newburyport, son of Jonathan and Mary

PICKARD Samuel, 62, shoemaker, residence: Ipswich
Married 18 Sep 1848 in Wenham
LORD Betsey, 2nd marriage, 58, daughter of MORRILL Nathaniel

PICKETT Sarah Jane, residence: Malden
Married 30 Sep 1847 in Malden to
NAGEL George, mariner, residence: Boston

PIERCE Charles A., 26, tailor, born: Prescott, residence: Deerfield, son of Caleb and Sophia
Married 28 Nov 1850 in Deerfield to
OCKINGTON Martha N., 21, born: Boston, residence: Deerfield, daughter of Benjamin and Martha

PIERCE Cromwell, carpenter, residence: Methuen
Married 8 Feb 1847 in Dorchester to
TALBOT Adeline, residence: Dorchester

PIERRE Gilbert D., residence: Rehobot
Married 28 Nov 1847 in Rehobot to
WHEATON Eliza, residence: Rehobot

PIKE George L., 23, bootmaker, born: Westborough, son of Jonathan and Azuba
Married 21 Nov 1850 in Southborough to
ABBOT Angeline G., 19, born: Boston, daughter of Josiah L. and Ellen

PINEO Peter, 25, physician, born: Nova Scotia, son of Peter
Married 8 May 1850 in Boston to
CROSBY Elizabeth, 23, born: Boston, daughter of Kendall

PINKHAM Richard, 25, born: Nova Scotia, son of John and Catherine
Married 14 Feb 1850 in Gloucester, Essex county, to
COLLINS Barbara, 25, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Martin and Jane

PINKS Eliza, 20, born: Ireland, daughter of John and Susan
Married 29 Sep 1850 in Lowell to
GILLARD Frederick, 26, farmer, born: Canada, son of Abram and Christiana

PITCHER Charlotte, 45, widow, residence: Nantucket, daughter of BIGELOW James
Married 14 Jul 1844 in Nantucket to
AMES Samuel, 50, widower, carpenter, residence: Nantucket

PITTEE Rebecca C. see WEEKS Rebecca C.

PLACIDE Joseph, 23, laborer, born: Canada, son of Francis and Mary
Married 11 Nov 1850 in Lowell
LICKING Angeline, 20, born: Canada, daughter of John and Henrietta

PLANT Mary, 20, born: Canada, daughter of Henry and Mary
Married 20 Jun 1850 in Sutton to
NOWELL Paul, 23, labourer, born: Canada, son of John and Adaline

PLANT Robert, residence: Lowell
Married 29 Jul 1842 in Lowell to
KING Johanna, residence: Lowell

PLOUFE Louisa, 17, residence: Southbridge, daughter of Lewis
Married 16 Sep 1849 in Worcester to
DIAS John, 22, residence: Southbridge, son of Lewis

PLOUFE Mary, 17, residence: Southbridge, daughter of Lewis
Married 16 Sep 1849 in Worcester to
BENWAY Peter, 18, laborer, residence: Southbridge, son of Andrew and Julia
Also Registered in Southbridge

POND Asa, 33, carpenter, born: Franklin, residence: Franklin, son of Jeremiah and Patty
Married 25 Sep 1848 in Medway to
ABBEE Sabra P., 28, born: Franklin, residence: Franklin, daughter of Charles and Sabra

POND Mary H. see GRANT Mary H.

POOL Mary Elisabeth, 21, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Asa and Elisabeth
Married 23 Jun 1850 in Rockport to
JOHNSON Edward, 23, farmer, born: Nova Scotia, son of William G. and Sarah

POOL Rhoda see HILTON Rhoda

POOR Grace Ann, 2nd marriage, 35, born: Nova Scotia
Married 11 Aug 1850 in Charlestown to
STUDLEY John Jr., 2nd marriage, 24, shoemaker, born: Scituate, son of John and Eliza

PORLEIR Leander, 21, laborer, born: Canada, son of Patrick
Married 3 Feb 1850 in Boston
CALLAHAN Lucy, 17, born: Boston, daughter of John

PORTER Clemans, 21, laborer, born: Canada, son of Raymond and Amelia
Married 21 Jun 1848 in Webster to
COMO Elizabeth, 18, born: Canada, daughter of Frost and Elizabeth

PORTER Mary W., 21, attorney's daughter, residence: Lee, daughter of William Jun. Esq.
Married 3 Sept 1845 in Lee to
CAMBERLIN Franklin, attorney, residence: Lee, son of Joseph

PORTER Matilda, residence: Lee, daughter of Ebenezer
Married 28 Nov 1845 in Lee to
GAYLORD Isa C., farmer, residence: Pittsfield, son of Tho's A.

PORTER Susan K., 18, operative, daughter of Amos and Betsey
Married 12 Nov 1845 in Lowell to
WILSON Allen, 22, baker, son of David and Sarah

POTTER Abigail, 33, residence: Wilbraham, daughter of Philip
Married 24 Jul 1845 in Wilbraham to
BLANCHARD Obed, widower, 33, mechanic, residence: Monson, son of Jonathan

POTTER Eunice F., residence: Boston
Married 19 Oct 1848 in Plymouth to
JONES Thomas K., residence: Boston

POWELL Ruth C., 23, born: Bolton, Canada, daughter of Jared and Mehilable
Married 13 May 1850 in Lowell to
BRIGGS Royal M., 24, coachman, born: Burlington VT, son of Royal and Fanny

POWER Martha, 22, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of John and Mary
Married 29 Jan 1850 in Chelsea to
SULLIVAN John, 28, laborer, born: Ireland, son of Daniel and Margaret

POWERS Louisa, 18, residence: Charlestown, daughter of Michael and Louisa
Married 3 Jul 1849 in Charlestown to
RAND Benjamin, 21, painter, residence: Charlestown, son of Absalom and Sarah

PRATT Andrew, widower, 37, mariner, residence: Nantucket
Married 22 Jun 1845 in Nantucket to
JONES Maria, single, 26, residence: Nantucket, daughter of Nathan and Rhoda

PRATT David L., 23, farmer, born: Sheffield, residence: Sheffield, son of David and Eliza
Married 29 May 1849 in Sheffield to
CALLENDER Janett A., 22, born: Sheffield, residence: Sheffield, daughter of E. S. and Harriet

PRATT Edward, residence: Charlestown
Married 16 Feb 1843 in Charlestown to
BLANCHARD Margaret W., residence: Charlestown

PRATT Elisabeth S., 18, residence: Abington, daughter of James
Married 31 Oct 1844 in Abington to
BLANCHARD Ira, 21, shoemaker, residence: Abington, son of Daniel

PRATT George, 26, farmer, born: Cohasset, son of John and Xoa
Married 30 Oct 1850 in Cohasset to
LONERGAN Ann, 26, born: Halifax NS, daughter of Michel and Charlotte

PRATT John B., housewright, residence: Charlestown
Married 9 Nov 1843 in Charlestown to
FROTHINGHAM Hannah P., residence: Charlestown, daughter of James and Ruth

PRATT Josiah H., 25, merchant, born: Walpole, residence: Lee, son Leo and Lydia
Married 10 Oct 1850 in Lee to
CLARK Mary Ann, 21, born: Lee, residence: Stockbridge, daughter of Sam'l and Thankful

PRATT Mary Ann, residence: Newton
Married 29 May 1842 in Newton to
MOULTON Rufus, residence: Newton

PRATT Sarah W., 23, residence: Chelsea, daughter of Isaac and Sarah
Married 12 Aug 1845 in Chelsea to
DESMAZES John T., widower, 27, clerk, residence: Chelsea, son of John and Nancy

PRAY David, 21, teamster, born: Canada, son of David P. and Eveline
Married 6 Oct 1849 in Lowell, Middlesex County to
DOLLOFF Almira A., 19, born: Bethel ME, daughter of David and Almina

PRENTIS Harret, 28, single, residence: Worthington, daughter of Jonathan and Ch.?.y
Married 13 May 1846 in Worthington to
SMITH James W., widower, 31, farmer, residence: Chester, son of John and Elizabeth

PRESSEY Sarah Ann, 21, born: Washington VT, daughter of Cha's and Betsey
Married 19 Feb 1850 in Lowell, Middlesex County to
LYFORD Simeon, 2nd marriage, 27, operative, born: Stanstead LC, son of John and Asenath
LC: Lower Canada, former name of Quebec

PREUX Edward, laborer, residence: Millbury
Married 25 Mar 1844 in Millbury to
BARLOW Cathrine, residence: Millbury

PRICE William S., 22, drayman, born: Canada, son of Joseph
Married 19 Jun 1850 in Boston to
RICKER Sarah E., 19, born: Boston

PRIOR Eliza, 18, born: England, daughter of John
Married 6 May 1850 in Boston to
MACLIN Benmore, 25, die sinker, born: France, son of Andrew

PROCTOR Dr. Chs., second marriage, 43, physician, born: Roley, son of Benjamin and Anna
Married 29 Nov 1849 in Newbury to
DOLE Mary A. H., second marriage, 41, born: Sussex Vale NB, daughter of Samuel and Sally

PROVENCHA George, residence: Chelmsford
Married 28 Nov 1843 in Chelmsford to
BROWN Olive, residence: Chelmsford
The town clerk mistakenly wrote 1844

PRUNTY Maria, 22, born: Ireland
Married 21 Oct 1850 in Boston to
HANSON Calvin W., 23, laborer, born: Canada, son of Lewis

PUBLICOVERS Abigail E., 25, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Laurence and Nancy
Married 26 Nov 1849 in Gloucester to
ROGERS Bryant, 24, mariner, born: Nova Scotia, son of John and Elizabeth

PUFFER Lucy P. see FARR Lucy P.

PUFFER Reuben G. of Amherst
Married 7 Dec 1842 in Amherst to
JOHNSON Clarissa B. of Amherst

PURCELL Mary Ann, 2nd marriage, born: Ireland, daughter of FOGORTY John
Married 23 May 1850 in Boston to
FREEMAN James, 2nd marriage, 37, mariner, born: Nova Scotia, son of James

PUTAM James R., 24, painter, born: Portsmouth NH, son of Benjamin F.
Married 21 Oct 1849 in Boston to
MULLEN Mary J., 21, born: New Brunswick, daughter of George

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