Massachusetts Genealogy : Marriages 1841-1850

Surnames N

From the microfilmed registration books of marriages for all Massachusetts cities and towns.
These registration pages where submitted by municipal clerks to the State on an annual basis.

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NADEAU Francis, 28, moulder, residence: Worcester, son of Francis and Mary
Married 26 Nov 1845 in Worcester to
JOHNSON Charlotte A., 23, milliner, residence: Worcester, daughter of Chauncy and Polly

NAGEL George, mariner, residence: Boston
Married 30 Sep 1847 in Malden to
PICKETT Sarah Jane, residence: Malden

NAGLE Thomas, laborer
Married 16 May 1846 in Lowell to
SHEHAN Elizabeth, operative

NASH Louisa, 19, born: Sydney, Canada, daughter of Oliver and Dorathy
Married 14 Oct 1848 in Worcester to
ALLEN Winslow, 28, book binder, born: Plymouth, son of William and Betsey

NEAL Ellen, 24, born: Ireland, daughter of Patrick
Married 9 Jun 1850 in Cambridge
TALBOT Henry, 28, laborer, born: Ireland, son of Alexander

NEAL John L., 26, teamster, born: Tuftonboro NH, son of John
Married 2 Nov 1850 in Boston to
SCOTT Lydia A., 26, born: Horton NS, daughter of John

NEEF Charles, 24, saddler, born: France, son of Louis
Married 27 Aug 1850 in Boston to
DANA Elizabeth, 21, born: Scotland, daughter of James

NEILAN Patrick, 28, weaver, born: Ireland, son of William and Frances
Married 17 Jun 1850 in Fall River to
CONNOR Ellen, 20, born: Nova Scotia, daughter of Robert and Ann

NELSON James Jr., mariner, residence: Salem
Married 21 Nov 1844 in Salem to
LEFAVOUR Mary, residence: Salem

NEUHAND Friedrick Wilholm, residence: Boston
Married 19 Feb 1849 in Boston to
WACHTERHAUSER Elizabeth J., residence: Boston

NEWBIT Albert C., residence of the groom: Newton
Married 13 Dec 1846 in Newton to
BARETTE Onessim, residence of the bride: Newton

NEWCOMB Henry W., 22, carpenter, born: Charlotte Me, son of Robert
Married 28 Nov 1850 in Cambridge to
WATSON Mary Ann, 20, born: Penfield NB, daughter of John

NEWCOMB Nancy J., 18, residence: Harwich, son of Ebon
Married 18 Jun 1848 in Harwich
THOMPSON John, 20, mariner, residence: Harwich, son of John

NEWCOMB Sarah Ann, 18, place of birth and residence: Bernardston, daughter of English
Married 2 Oct 1850 in Bernardston to
THOMAS Andrew, 22, farmer, place of birth and residence: Hinsdale N.H., son of Gideon

NEWHELL Thos. B., 2nd marriage, 40, cordwainer, born: Lynn, son of Joseph and Martha
Married 19 May 1850 in Saugus to
CROW Mary, 20, born: Thuro, Nova Scotia, daughter of Joseph

NEWMAN John V., physician, residence: Chatham, N. York
Married 25 May 1844 in Lee to
TAYLOR Parna, school teacher, residence: Lee, daughter of D?a Lys?a Taylor (difficult to read)

NEWTON Abigail, 58, 2nd marriage, born: Enfield Ct., residence Hadley, daughter of COMBS John
Married 24 Dec 1850 in Hadley to
STEDMAN Francis, 56, 2nd marriage, farmer, born: Amsterdam NY, residence: Montague, son of John H.
NEWTON Elias M., 23, shoemaker, residence: Leicester, son of Emery and Mary
Married 14 Oct 1844 in North Bridgewater (now Brockton) to
BLANCHARD Eliza A., 17, residence: North Bridgewater (now Brockton), daughter of Francis and Louisa

NEWTON Harriet, of Templeton
Married 29 Dec 1842 in Templeton to
OAK Ira, of Athol

NEWTON Lydia A., residence: Newfane VT
Married 5 Jul 1843 in Westborough to
BLANCHARD Roswell C., residence: Brattleboro VT

NEWTON Martha L., 23, born: Shrewsbury, daughter of Dana and Hannah
Married 10 Apr 1850 in Worcester to
KELLY Thomas T., 2nd marriage, 33, currier, born: Halifax NS, son of James and Isabella

NEWTON William D., 29, manufacturer, residence: Fitchburg, son of Martin and Sukey
Married 1 Dec 1846 in Fitchburg to
BLANCHARD Lavina, 31, residence: Fitchburg, daughter of Isaac and Hannah

Married 6 May 1850 in Lawrence to
LAVELETT Joseph, 28, operative, born: Canada

NICHOLS Henry, 54, laborer, residence: Taunton, son of Sol.?. and Phillis
Married 26 Sep 1850 in Taunton to
TALBOT Adaline, 50, residence: Taunton

NICKERSON Almira A., 16, residence: Barnstable, daughter of Ensing and Rebecca
Married 23 Dec 1847 in Barnstable to
AARON Arthur, 25, mariner, residence: Barnstable

NICKERSON Eliza A., 18, place of birth and residence: Provincetown, daughter of Jesse and Mary
Married 19 Aug 1850 in Provincetown to
WILLIAMS Sam'l D., 29, carpenter, born: Hudson NY, residence: Provincetown, son of Jon. and Miriam

NICKERSON Jane, 19, born: Chilmark, daughter of Sam. and Claris
Married 25 Nov 1849 in Chilmark to
MAYHEW Tristaim, 39, mariner, born: Chilmark, son of David and Martha

NICKERSON Joshua, 26, mariner, born: Barrington NS, son of Levi
Married 12 Dec 1850 in Boston to
SNOW Sarah H., 22, born: Boston, daughter of Jonathan D.


NICKERSON Zenas Jun., 22, mariner, born: Chatham, son of Zenas and Mehitable
Married 22 Nov 1849 in Chatham to
TAYLOR Mary A., 19, born: Chatham, daughter of Ephraim and Thankful

NORCROSS Francis W., 21, trader, born: Charlestown ME, son of Elijah M.
Married 18 Jun 1850 in Boston to
MELLEN Margaret, 23, born: St. Andrews NB, daughter of James

NORTON Marriages are listed on a separate page

NORWOOD John M., 34, merchant, born: Ireland, son of John and Martha
Married 30 Dec 1848 in Chelsea, Suffolk county to
BUKANON Nancy, 22, born: St. Stephen NB, daughter of James and Sally

NOWELL Hannah K., residence: Haverhill
Married 14 Apr 1846 in Charlestown
THOMPSON William C., residence: Haverhill

NOWELL Paul, 23, labourer, born: Canada, son of John and Adaline
Married 20 Jun 1850 in Sutton to
PLANT Mary, 20, born: Canada, daughter of Henry and Mary

NOWLAND Wineford, 2nd marriage, 46, born: NB, daughter of Thomas and Catherine
Married 21 Oct 1849 in Rockport to
TURNER Leonard M., 2nd marriage, 65, fisherman, born: Rockport, son of John and Mary

NOYES Sarah B. see ABBOTT Sarah B.

NOYSE Henry, 28, carpenter, born: Lower Canada, son of Richard and Anna
Married 20 Jun 1848 in Harvard to
BALL Charlotte, 23, born: Concord, daughter of Benjamin and Mary

NUNAN Sarah, 22, born: Nova Scotia
Married 30 Dec 1850 in Boston to
HENLEY Matthew, 25, blacksmith, born: Boston, son of John

NUTE Martha, 22, born: Dover NH, daughter of Andrew
Married 1 Jul 1850 in Boston to
BARTLETT Dennis, 23, dentist, born: Canada, son of Nathaniel

NUTTER Horace, residence: Salem
Married 23 May 1844 in Salem to
LEFAVOUR Eliza A., residence: Salem

NUTTING Eliza, 25, residence: Lowell, daughter of Ezechiel and Betsey
Married 22 Apr 1845 in Fitchburg to
BLANCHARD Levi M., 22, carpenter, residence: Leominster, son of Levi and Hannah

NUTTING Hannah E., 27, residence: Carlisle, daughter of Cyrus and Hannah
Married 26 Oct 1845 in Lowell to
ABBOTT John, 30, machinist, residence: Lowell, son of Dyer and Sarah

NYE Almira J., 26, residence: Tolland, daughter of George
Married 1 Jan 1846 in Tolland to
MOORE Calvin L., 25, residence: Tolland, son of Lyman

NYE Harriel, 23, housekeeper, residence: North Brookfield, daughter of Pling and Lucy
Married 3 Apr 1845 in North Brookfield to
BOWDOIN William, 24, farmer, residence: New Braintree

NYHIN Ellen, 19, Ireland, daughter of Michael
Married 19 Nov 1850 in Cambridge to
DOREY Peter, 24, laborer, born: Canada, son of Charles

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