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  • GRAMPS : Genealogical Research Software. Gramps is a free software project and community. The program is both intuitive for hobbyists and feature-complete for professional genealogists. It is a community project, created, developed and governed by genealogists. Gramps is primarily developed for Linux and UNIX-like operating systems, but it is also available for Windows and Mac OSX. Gramps is an Open Source project covered by the GNU General Public License. You have full access to the source code and are allowed to distribute the program and source code freely.

  • Free Software : Legacy Family Tree 7.5: The full-featured professional genealogy program that helps you track, organize, print, and share your family history. Includes sourcing, reports, merging, To Do list, slide shows, multimedia, Web pages, spell checking, import and export and much more. And, it's FREE! Developed for this special version of Legacy Standard Edition allows you to search directly from the Legacy Progam to the world's largest pedigree-linked archives at

  • Family Tree Builder. The free download edition can be upgraded later to the premium version for a fee.

  • Personal Ancestry Writer II : A freeware genealogy program for MacOS X. It combines most of the features of the LDS Personal Ancestral File program (PAF) for the Macintosh (for which all development stopped a few years ago after release 2.3.1), with additional features that generate web pages (in HTML), word processing files (in RTF for, e.g., AppleWorks) and desktop publishing files (in MML for FrameMaker).

  • Genealogy Reference and Research Software (Freeware) - An easy to use way to maintain and access your genealogy references and research data.

  • Familytree 1.0 (Freeware) - This Java applet displays a family of any size in a webpage. Simply list family members in a textfile specifying each person's parents, and put all the files on a webserver. The program calculates siblings, cousins etc.

  • Family Tree Pilot (Freeware) - Family Tree Pilot is genealogy software that allows you to create an image of the family tree including personal photos.

  • SmartGenealogy. SmartGenealogy is a genealogy software in both English and French that will let you record individual persons with most of the events in their lives, along with the sources where you found the information from.

  • Arbor Vita Arbor Vita is a freeware that lets you display your genealogy tree on the web by generating HTML pages.

  • GenealogyJ. GenealogyJ is a viewer and editor for genealogic data, suitable for hobbyist, family historian and genealogy researcher. GenJ supports the Gedcom standard, is written in Java and offers family tree, table, timeline views and more. GenJ is free software.

  • GeneWeb is a free genealogy software with a Web interface. It can be used off-line or as a Web service. It uses very efficient techniques of relationship and consanguinity computing. Available in English, French, German, Dutch and Swedish.

  • Bygones : Bygones is a freeware software program designed primarily to keep genealogical research notes on a laptop computer. However, it also has databases that genealogists without laptops may find useful. It is available for Windows 95/98/me/XP/NT and Macintosh 8.1+ computers.

  • GedHTree: a GEDCOM to HTML converter. The free unregistered version is fully functional and generates all family group and index pages, four photo pages and a four generation direct ancestor tree page. Enhanced features are enabled if you register (for a fee).

  • GedView. A Windows program to navigate through GEDCOM files

  • GedReporter : A tool for generating reports and web sites from genealogy databases. A scripting language similar to Visual Basic allows for complete customization.

  • Genealogica Grafica : Make an ancestor or descendants chart for web publishing. Produce an elegant web-style genealogical text in your own language. Link charts and text and publish it on the web. Genealogica Grafica is shareware. Its basic functions are free to use. Contributors have access to the full featured version. There is no license fee. The amount of a contribution is left to the user's discretion.

  • UncleGED : a GEDCOM Reader, a GEDCOM to HTML Converter, and a GEDCOM Cataloging Tool.

  • My Family Health Portrait. A tool from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that will help you organize your family tree and help you identify common diseases that may run in your family.

  • England, Scotland and Wales Parish Locator for Windows. A database of almost 25,000 parishes and churches. From the full listing you are able to select a 'Home' parish around which you need to identify other churches. You can enter a distance in either miles or kilometers from the 'Home' parish and request a listing of all such churches from the database within that radius.

  • GedTree : Family Tree Website Generator Software.

  • IrfanView (Freeware). IrfanView is a very fast, small, compact and innovative freeware (for non-commercial use) graphic viewer for Windows.

  • 7-Zip : a file archiver with a high compression ratio. 7-Zip is open source software. You can use 7-Zip on any computer, including a computer in a commercial organization. You don't need to register or pay for 7-Zip.

  • Auctions for Genealogists : One-click search results.

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