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  • History of the western insurrection in western Pennsylvania : commonly called the whiskey insurrection, 1794. Images online of this book by H.M. Brackenridge published in 1859.

  • Whiskey rebels : the story of a frontier uprising (in Pennsylvania). Images online of this book by Leland D. Baldin published in 1939.

  • History of the Pennsylvania Volunteers 1861-5, prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Harrisburg, B. Singerly, state printer, 1869-71.

  • Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants (HCPD) Files to Download : Sixteen VA, WV and PA genealogy files are available, mainly in zip format. The HCPD is an organization dedicated to the history and genealogy of West Virginia concentrating on central West Virginia.

  • The Acadian exiles, or French neutrals, in Pennsylvania. To which is appended A relation of their misfortunes. Digitized edition of this work by William Bradford Reed and John Baptiste Galerm published in Philadelphia in 1858.

    Allegheny County

  • Allegheny Cemetery: Historical Account of Incidents and Events Connected with its Establishment. Digitized edition of this book published in 1873.

  • Fort Pitt and Letters from the Frontier - Free online edition of this book by Mary C. Darlington, Editor published in Pittsburgh in 1892.

  • Allegheny County's Americans by choice : descriptive material about the foreign born of Allegheny County (Pennsylvania). Images online of this book published around 1944.

    Armstrong County

  • History of Armstrong County Pennsylvania. By Robert Walter Smith, written in 1883.

    Lawrence County

  • 1770 - 1877. History of Lawrence County, PA by S.W. and P.A. DURANT. Includes biographical sketches and military records.

    Northumberland County

  • The Molly Maguires of Northumberland County, Pennsylvania. By Katherine Jaeger, April 2001

    Philadelphia County

  • Guide to Laurel Hill Cemetery, near Philadelphia, 1847. Digitized edition of this book by Conger Sherman. Includes list of lot holders.

  • Smith's illustrated guide to and through Laurel Hill cemetery, with a glance at celebrated tombs and burying places, ancient and modern, an historical sketch of the cemeteries of Philadelphia, an essay on monumental architecture, and a tour up the Schuylkill. Digitized edition of this book by R. A. Smith published in 1852.

    Westmoreland County

  • A short history of Westmoreland county, the first county west of the Appalachians (Pennsylvania). Images online of this book by Christian Martin Hess published around 1941.

  • Auctions for Genealogists : One-click search results.

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