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  • American Military History Center of Military History, United States Army, Washington, DC 1989

    King Philip's War

  • Soldiers in King Philip's War : by George Madison Bodge, A. B. Boston, 1906.

  • A brief history of King Philip's War, 1675-1677: being a summary of the articles appearing in the New-England Historical and Genealogical Register from 1883 to 1891, under the title, "Soldiers in King Philip's War" (Boston : Privately printed, 1891.)

  • Pictorial history of King Philip's war: comprising a full and minute account of all the massacres, battles, conflagrations, and other thrilling incidents of that tragic passage in American history : with an introduction : containing an account of the Indian tribes, their manners and customs. Free online edition of this book by Daniel Strock published in 1851.

    King George's War

  • New England Vessels in the Expedition against Louisbourg, 1745 By Howard Millar Chapin, A.B., (1887-1940), of Providence, R.I., January 1923. New England Historic Genealogical Register (NEHGR) Vol. 77, No. 1 (1923) pp 59-71 and Vol. 77, No. 2 (1923) pp 95-110.

    Revolutionary War

  • American Prisoners of the Revolution. Free online edition of this book by Danske Dandridge published in 1910.

  • The Rise, Progress and Termination of the American Revolution. Free online edition of this book by Mercy Otis Warren published in 1805.

  • A Naval History of the American Revolution. Free online edition of this book by Gardner Weld Allen published in 1913.

  • A Military Journal During the American Revolutionary War, From 1775 to 1783. Describing Interesting Events and Transactions of this period; with numerous Historical Fact and Anecdotes. From the Original Manuscript by James Thacher, M. D.

  • The Colored Patriots of the American Revolution. With Sketches of Several Distinguished Colored Persons: To Which is Added a Brief Survey of the Condition and Prospects of Colored Americans. Free online edition of this book by William Cooper Nell published in 1855.

  • The Hessians and the Other German Auxiliaries of Great Britain in the Revolutionary War. Free online edition of this book by Edward J. Lowell published in 1884.

    War of 1812

  • The Naval War of 1812. Or the History of the United States Navy during the Last War with Great Britain to Which Is Appended an Account of the Battle of New Orleans. Free online edition of this book by Theodore Roosevelt published in 1882.

    Mexican War

  • A Campaign in New Mexico With Colonel Doniphan By Frank S. Edwards, a volunteer. Philadelphia, Care and Hart, published in 1847.

    Civil War

  • The American conflict: a history of the great rebellion in the United States of America, 1860-'65. Free online edition of this book by Horace Greeley published in 1866.

  • History of the great rebellion, from its commencement to its close, giving an account of its origin, the secession of the southern states, and the formation of the Confederate government, the concentration of the military and financial resources of the federal government ... together with sketches of the lives of all the eminent statesmen and military and naval commanders, with a full and complete index. From official sources.
    By Thomas P. Kettell.
    Published in 1866.

  • Music on the March, 1862-65, With the Army of the Potomac. 114th Regt. P.V., Collis' Zouaves. By Frank Rauscher. Philadelphia: Press of Wm. F. Fell & Co. 1892. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

  • Chronicles fo the Great Rebellion From the Beginning of the Same until the Fall of Vicksburg. By Rev. Allen M. Scott D. D. Published in 1868.

  • History of Pennsylvania Volunteers, 1861-5. Prepared in compliance with acts of the legislature, by Samuel P. Bates. Harrisburg, B. Singerly, state printer, 1869-71.

  • The War of the Rebellion: a Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies. By the United States War Dept. Four series totaling 70 volumes published between 1880 and 1901.

  • Military Records of General Officers Of The Confederate States Army 1861-1865 (Free digitized book - archive.org) - Compiled and illustrated by Charles B. Hall, New York, 1898.

  • Records of California men in the war of the rebellion, 1861 to 1867. Digitized edition of this book by Brig.-Gen. Richard H. Orton published in 1890.

  • The Story of Camp Chase. A History of the Prison and Its Cemetery, together with other cemeteries where Confederate prisoners are buried, etc. Digitized edition of this book by William H. Knauss published in 1906.

  • Records of the 24th Independent Battery, N. Y. Light Artillery, U. S. V. Digitized edition of this book published in 1870.

    World War I

  • A Short History of the Great War. Free online edition of this book by A. F. Pollard published in 1920.

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