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  • Australian dictionary of dates and men of the time. Containing the history of Australasia from 1542 to May, 1879. Free online edition of this book by G. Robertson published in 1879.

  • Technology in Australia 1788-1988. Free online edition of this book published in 1988. Indexed and searchable.

  • Convict Narratives : Passages from the Life of a "Lifer" By 'Jack Bushman'. Originally serialised in Moreton Bay Courier, (Brisbane, Australia), 2, 9, 16, 23 & 30 April 1859.

  • Coo-ee : Tales of Australian Life by Australian Ladies. By Harriet Ann Patchett Martin, first published in 1891.

  • A Dictionary of Australian Words And Terms (pdf document). Free online edition of this book by Gilbert H. Lawson published by the University of Sidney Library in 1997.

    New South Wales

  • An Account of the English Colony of New South Wales by David Collins the Late Judge Advocate & Secretary of the Colony. Volume 1 was first published in 1798 & Volume 2 was first published in 1802 : Volume 1 - Volume 2

    Northern Territory

  • Tracking Family : A Guide to Aboriginal Records Relating to the Northern Territory. Free online edition of this book published in 2006 by the National Archives of Australia.

    South Australia

  • The Representative Men of South Australia. Digitized edition of this book by George E. Loyau published in 1883 (pdf document).


  • Jubilee History of St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church (The Gaelic Church) of Carlton (Victoria, Australia). Free online edition of this book by W. A. Sanderson published in 1905.

  • History of the Royal Caledonian Society of Melbourne (Australia). Free online edition of this book published in 1950.

    Western Australia

  • Western Australia: a History from its Discovery to the Inauguration of the Commonwealth : HTML reproduction of this book by James Sykes Battye published in 1924 (pdf document).

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