Samuel Sewall (c. 1738-1769) Epitaph and Genealogy
By Timothy Alden, published in 1814

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From the book : A collection of American Epitaphs and Inscriptions with occasional notes, pentade 1, volume 2. By Rev. Timothy Alden. S. Marks Printer, New York, 1814; article 335, p. 115-117.


Memorial inscription in York, Maine


The hon. Henry Sewall, who was mayor of Coventry, was the great great grandfather of elder Sewall, the subject of this article. Henry Sewall, son of the mayor, sent his only son, Henry, to New-England, in 1634, and followed soon after. He ended his days at Rowley in 1654.

Henry Sewall, grandson of the mayor, married Jane Dummer, in 1646, and, shortly after, returned to England, leaving his father in this country. His children were Samuel, John, Stephen, and several daughters. He came back to New-England, in 1659, and died, at Newbury, 16 may, 1700. From his children a numerous posterity has proceeded.

John Sewall, the second son of Henry Sewall, last mentioned, died at Newbury, 8 August, 1669, at the age of 45 years. His children were :
1. John Sewall, who died without issue;
2. Henry Sewall, whose son, Stephen, died at Newburyport, about the year, 1804, leaving two daughters.
3. Thomas Sewall, who left no children;
4. Samuel Sewall, esq. the principal subject of this article;
5. Nicholas Sewall, father of the late professor at Harvard university;
6. Hannah Sewall, who was the wife of the celebrated rev. Samuel Moody, of York.

Elder Sewall had four daughters by his first wife, whose original name was Sara Storer. By his second wife he had two daughters, twins, who died at an early age, and seven sons;
1. major Samuel Sewall, an ingenious mechanick, who is the author of the invention for sinking the piers of bridges over deep rivers, and which has been, for many years, successfully adopted in America and Europe;
2. deacon John Sweall;
3. Joseph Sewall, who died, 13 decembre, 1782;
4. Moses Sewall;
5. hon. David Sewall, judge of the district court;
6. Dummer Sewall of Bath;
7. Henry Sewall, who deceased at Bath.