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Victims of the steamer Asia disaster in Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada September 14th, 1882

As reported by The Dominion Annual Register and Review, 1882 (published in 1883), pages 204-205

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The Steamer Asia, of the Gt. Northern Transit Co.'s Line is lost during a terrible gale in Georgian Bay, Ont. Some of the passengers and crew take to the boats, but of the number on board (about 100), only 2 young persons – Miss C. A. Morrisson, of Owen Sound, and Mr. D. A. Tinkess, of Manitowaning – are saved. The boat containing them is picked up by some Indians after stranding near Point au Barrie. Six-teen other occupants of the same boat, viz., Captain Savage of the Asia, McDonald, the mate, the cabin-boy, Mr. Little, of Sault Ste. Marie, and 10 unknown men succomb to exposure ere reaching the shore. The names of the lost, as far as known, are as follows ;

(Note : Names indexed here in alphabetical order)


BENNETT, Isaac – Waiter on the Asia

BORRELLE, Robt. – Passenger

BOWSE, A., of Hamilton (Ontario) - Passenger

BOYNTON, J., of North Orillia (Ontario) – Passenger, lumberer or shanty-man going to the woods


BRUCE, T. R. - 1st engineer of the Asia



CARTER. Stephen – Steward on the Asia

CHISHOLM, D., of Parry Sound (Ontario) – Passenger

CHRISTIE, Wm. And wife (newly married), of Collingwood (Ontario) - Passengers

CLINTON, Wm., of Cincinati, Ohio - Passenger

DAVIS, W. - Wheelsman on the Asia

DEGROAT, H. - Fireman on the Asia

DERMAID, J. W. - 1st mate of the Asia (= McDermiad?)

DESPATRIES, J., of Coteau (Quebec?) – Passenger

DUFFY, J., of Rama (Ontario) – Passenger, lumberer or shanty-man going to the woods

DUMO, P. – Passenger

DUNCAN, A. and son, of Hamilton (Ontario) – Passengers (= Duncan A., and Duncan, Fred?)

DUNCAN, A. (= Duncan A., of Hamilton?)

DUNCAN, Fred (= son of Duncan A.?)

GALLAGHER, W. B., of Manitowaning (Ontario) - Passenger

HANBURY, Miss, of Owen Sound (Ontario) - Passenger

HEAVENER, Wm., of Rama (Ontario) – Passenger, lumberer or shanty-man going to the woods

HENRY, Wm., of Collingwood (Ontario) - Passenger

HILL, T. - Porter on the Asia

INNES, C. - Deck hand on the Asia

JACKSON, J. - Cook on the Asia (= Jackson, Mr.?)

JACKSON, T. - Cook on the Asia (= Jackson, Mr.?)

JACKSON, Mr. (= Jackson, J. or Jackson, T.?)

JANAN, J. – Passenger

JONDREAU, J. and F. – Passenger

JORDAN, J., of Rosseau (Ontario) – Passenger, lumberer or shanty-man going to the woods

KERR, Mr. and family, of Limehouse, Ontario – Passengers


LAMB, Jas. - Fireman on the Asia

LASCELLE, J. – Passenger

LAWRENCE, T. - Waiter on the Asia

LECARTE, Isaac, of Stayner (Ontario) – Passenger

LITTLE, Jno. (= Little, Mr., of Sault Ste. Marie?)Passenger

LITTLE, Mr., of Sault Ste. Marie (= Little, Jno?)Passenger

MacNAB, A. - 2nd mate of the Asia

MARSHALL, of Port Hope (Ontario) – Passenger, cook going to the woods

MARTIN, J., of Collingwood (Ontario) - Passenger


McDERMIAD – Mate on the Asia (= Dermaid, J. W.?)

McDONALD, A. D., of Orillia (Ontario) – Passenger, foreman going to the woods

McDONALD, Dan and Rory, of Rama (Ontario) – Passenger

McDONALD, Mate on the Asia

McDOUGALL, Jno. - Purser on the Asia

McILLROY, J. - Deck hand on the Asia

McKAY, G. - Wheelsman on the Asia

McNAB, Miss.

McNAB, Mr., of Owen Sound (Ontario) – Passenger

MORRY, B., of Cincinati, Ohio - Passenger

MURPHY, of Orillia (Ontario) – Passenger

NOLAN, J. - Deck hand on the Asia

QUINN, J., of England (newly arrived) – Passenger

ROBERGE, P., jr. – Passenger

ROBERGE, P., sr. – Passenger

SAVAGE, J. N. - Captain of the Asia

SCOTT, H. M., of England (newly arrived) – Passenger

SHEPHERD, J. (= Sheppard, Mr. J.?)

SHEPPARD, Mr. J., of Hamilton (Ontario) – Passenger (= Shepherd, J.?)

SMITH, Jas – Watchman on the Asia

SPARKS, Mr. Fred., P.L.S., brother of Robt., of Ottawa, Ontario - Passenger

SPARKS, Mr. Robt., P.L.S., brother of Fred., of Ottawa, Ontario - Passenger

SPROULE, Mr., of Cookstown, supposed - Passenger

STINSON, Wm. - Deck hand on the Asia

TERRY, J. and A. – Passenger

VALISE, O. – Passenger

WALKER, R. - Porter on the Asia

WALTERS, Mrs. - Ladies' maid of the Asia


WATT, A. - Waiter on the Asia

WINDOVER, M. 2nd engineer of the Asia

WOODS, Mr. (= Wood, Mr. W. H.?)

WOOD, Mr. and Mrs. W. H., of Cincinati, Ohio – Passengers (= Woods, Mr.?)

An inquest is held at Collingwood, on the 20th., on the bodies of Isaac Lecarte and others, and the jury, after various adjournments, renders a verdict on the 17th as follows, ''that de deceased came to their death through the wreck of the steamer Asia and undue exposure in open boats and nothing with which to bail out the boats; that the aforesaid insufficient equipment was the result of gross and culpable negligence on the part of some person or persons unknown to this jury, and that those persons are therefore guilty of manslaughter.'' - An official investigation is also opened at Collingwood, by Capt. P.A. Scott, R.N., of the Dept. Of Marine and Fisheries.The enquiry commences on the 26th Sept. and ends on the 4th Oct., when Capt. Scott purposes making an immediate report, but is deterred by the Government, who prefer that he should first look carefully into the evidence, as his report may be made the basis of inland navigation legislation.

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